HELP- I flush on the river, the other player also made the same flush, I was eliminated and he took the pot

I entered the tournament, I flush on the river, the other player also made the same flush, I was eliminated and he took the pot. . Why? I am new to poker I do not understand much, and I was more frustrated because it was a tournament q paid 50k to participate.
And as if that wasn’t enough, I looked at the chat I saw that my flush was not registered, I was extremely disappointed.
do not know if it was a problem, I would like to know, someone can inform me?

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Hi MirnaBrits, not all flush are equal. Your opponent could have a better flush hence he/she won the pot.

For example,
If your opponent has a Ace high flush while you have a King high flush, Ace high flush wins the pot. Vice versa.

Do share the hand replay link or hand replay number with us if you still have it and we can help to review it for you! Cheers!


Unfortunately I can not share because the tournament ended, but was even flush, because I saw!
Well, I guess you don’t have much to do, unfortunately.
But thanks for answering, next time I’ll take a print to have a way to refute

I’m sure it was this:


Hi @MirnaBrits @Poki65 ,

Yes, the opponent won with a Ace High Flush while you hold a King High Flush.

Look out for the dealer message in the chat:
Dealer: Djok7 wins 4,546 chips with: Flush, Ace high

Ace High Flush beats King High Flush



Thanks for answering and now it’s clear


You can find your last 200 played hands on your profile:


or here, click on your avatar and Activity or Hands:


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No such thing as a even flush.

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There is such a a thing as an even flush. If the board has a flush with all high cards and remaining players have lower denomination cards of the same suit. This is the only case where a flush pot will be split, and all remaining players share the pot even if they don’t have piece of the flush. By rights players not holding the suit should have folded after the flop unless no one bet after the flop, or they filled.a straight and they have a large enough reserve to withstand several all ins.


I probably would have played this hand through and lost as well. In retrospect your best chance at taking this hand would have been all in pre flop. Not recommending that and I would only go all in if I had just lost a large pot and wanted to appear tilted, or I had been playing very tight and had reason to believe others would fold in the face of an all in. Live and learn!

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Same flush also if board shows all same suits and nobody has that suit in their hand

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It was unfortunate for you that BadasTripa put you all-in on the Turn. But, chasing a 4 flush into the River (with an all-in??) would’ve been a tough decision for me. I guess it would depend(??) on where I stood on the Leaderboard. Close to the Bubble, I would’ve folded. In the money, I might call.

There is no way two people can have the same flush in the same hand in any of the poker games offered here on this site. Possible that there may be in one of the league games with different structures and rules, such as using a joker or a "wild card. Or some variations where there are a minimum of 5 commom cards on board.

yes you can. board is all hearts and nobody has hearts. all who is in hand has same flush

none of the games played here have 5 cards on the board, so, no flush there.


What do you mean?

Because they all do don’t they?

was in a royal tourney. 10,J,Q,K,A :heart: all on board. we all had equal royal flush

If all 5 cards after the river is turned up are the same suit, then everyone who remains in the pot after the final bet whould have that flush if no others of that suit in hands are bigger tnan the lowest on the board.