I payed 7.5k for the sitngo tourney and i cant get into the game. I need a refund?

Please send details to support@replaypoker and they will look into it.

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I never got into this tournament I paid and then the screen would not load

If you email support@replaypoker.com, they will swiftly sort it out for you–I am certain! I’ve been sorted out before. I always appreciate the swift and friendly support.



Just go to the Lobby page and click the ? symbol next to your bank amount which is a quick way to communicate with support. Just provide the date, time and game. Someone usually will respond within a reasonable time frame.

Btw, I’ve found in my past dealings Replay will always do the right thing.

I hope this helps.


That’s news to me! How great–and how easy. Thanks for this, smooth99.

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Hi @SgThrasher,

I just reached out to you via email. For a better response time when you have issues in your account, please reach out to us via email at support@replaypoker.com.

Good luck at the tables! :slight_smile:

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