Heads up SnG

Why is the largest HU SnG only 100k? Can improvements be made.

Cheers N

Greetings Naucrates,

The why is easy; the Millionaire’s Club opened in July and in doing so it took some of the previously “high” SnGs and put them into the Club. That sent the core of players out and about. Since then, whereas Lo and Medium are still doing great, Hi has suffered and what was once a league that was getting over 600 players each month now struggles to get even 300.

The solution is to give back the higher Hi games and take the Millionaire’s Club to some other section of the site, maybe even feature it.

I am sure the Hi SnG players will return; I will


Your request for higher buy-in heads-up SnGs is under consideration.

Thanks for your suggestion!

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