Having problem when playing in poker lobby not getting anything that my tournament game is ready could you help me please

playing ring games didn’t know my tournament game was ready

:frowning: Try different browser, chrome or firefox

Hi odee,

You wouldn’t see anything about the tournament on the ring game table, but if you have the site open in your browser you should see a notification in the top right corner of the page when the tournament is about to start. Is that notification what’s missing for you? As marcipan mentioned, does the same thing happen if you try a different browser?

Cheers, Lesley

my notification appears now, thank-you… what ever you did I didn’t have to change browser…

I mark this as solved, I like to point out, RP work in/from browser , any change to browser or flash update can couse problems. BUT , you dont have to download and install any program. AKA more safe then anything alse. :slight_smile: Glad its work out for you too now.

Good luck at the tables!