Have You ever been to a Phish Concert?

As they kicked off their Summer Tour in Alabama last night, the band Phish is one of the best shows in live music. Have you ever seen them?

a millennial friend has gone to them regularly over the years; after being a Widespread Panic person (I think)…probably went to the one you speak of.

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Never herd of them, are they rock n roll?

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They have like a Grateful Dead Cult following.


They are ,at times more bluesy, like on this rendition of a ZZ Top classic. Jesus Just Left Chicago - YouTube

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Phish Phans are almost always very outspoken and are as “Dead-icated” as any fan base is of anything that moves your spirit and Soul like there live shows do. “Cult” - not so much. Loyal to the core - definitely. I do understand how & why the term is used so often, but it is more inaccurate than it is applicable. Phish have never played the same setlist or show, ever. And they’ve played something like 2130 shows as of tonight. (+/- 5)

Yes I know but wanted to keep it short and simple but Phish Phans follow the band wherever they go just like the Grateful Dead fans.

no…but my son bought me a shirt :wink:


Yup sounds like a cross between the Grateful Dead and Brian Setzer.