Have the option to show your cards when you win, lose or fold

As the title suggests, having the ability to reveal your cards if you so choose.

We had this exluding fold , is it? If you meant to fold i like it to.

How do you mean marcipan?

Your site/rooms had muck for show the cards when you win, athers fold. Or you lost on river. I sent email to you with ather site, check thet. They let you ( for all players including who dont payed for blind) show your own cards the end of round, then you can show your cards regardless you win/fold before.

I like the idea of having a button to show your cards even if you didn’t win, or if you folded. I have been a bonehead and folded really good hands, and then told what I had and been called a liar. This button would certainly put a halt to that.

Two questions:

  1. Should the button always be available to click? 2) At what point should the cards be revealed? Immediately or only after you fold or at showdown?

1, yes, this way users can be prepared for the show . no time wasted. 2, the cards should revealed after all other users hand folded. can be b4 flop, after flop, after turn, and showdown. But definitively only if no other hand in play.

The button should appear at the same time as the winning player is determined and last about 3 seconds or the typical time it takes RP to clear the cards to allow a player left at the end to show. Players that have already folded must reveal in chat.

why 3 sec? thets slow down big time the play. I think any/all player should able to show, not just winners . For thet, folded cards need to be faded, but not dropped. This way,players can see visually what they have . thets would be a big + .

Approx.3 sec or the typical time it takes RP to collect the cards. I said a player left at the end which would include winners and losers. I like the fades card idea allowing everyone to show, sound complicated to me, when a fold at next turn button is difficult. In a real game folded or mucked cards are collected, thus, players can’t show and must use verbal methods to declare what they had.

My opinion is:

If two (or more) players pay for the river, they both (all) must show cards, not only the winner!

Who don’t pay, don’t show their cards.

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It would be an interesting option to show a cards before the opponent decides how to play. :))

Hello Paul, here I’m


I would like to have the opportunity to show my cards even after I have folded them.

( Of course I don’t mean to show them in the middle of the game, only after the dust settles - either by every but one player folding or after the showdown have taken place ).

Since this creates added tactical opportunity without doing any harm to the game I see no reason why this opportunity is not granted.

I have always had this thought in mind but in a recent game it came to me in a striking way: the player next to me went all in and everbody folded me being the last one in the row - being the last one and having a dominant stack I enjoyed particular attention by the crowd - after long thinking I folded too. My long thinking made my opponent show his cards: AQo - mine was AJo. I was desparate to show them but I could not. I felt it was unfair - I missed an opportunity to show others how good my judgement was.

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Thanks watcha, decimate for your comments. I’ve merged them into this topic that already existed.

In fact we already are planning on adding this fold & show feature. It would work as so:

So as not to slow the game dow, whenever there is no more action, a player may fold and show their cards to the table.

This can happen in the following situations:

Two players are heads-up. One player bets, the second player folds but shows their cards. This can happen on any street.

The players do not have to start the street heads-up. If three players are in the hand and the first bets, the second can fold, but cannot show as it would give information to the 3rd who is yet to act. If the second player folds, now that there are only two players, the last player can fold & show.

In a multi-way pot where all but two players are all-in (i.e. only two players can act) and the above happens. The player that folds does not affect the action by showing as the other players are already all-in and can therefore fold & show.

There is a related situation at showdown where the player loses the hand but chooses to show their cards anyway. This can happen in heads-up and multi-way pots.

Each game has to start at a certain point in time. Let’s call this point ‘0’. The game has to end at a certain point in time. Let’s call this point ‘A’. The next game has to start at a certain point in time. Let’s call this point ‘B’. Between point ‘0’ and point ‘A’ there should be no card showing at all. However let there be a period between ‘A’ and ‘B’ (of thinking time length) when every player who during the game at any point folded their cards may have the opportunity to show their cards. Since by point ‘A’ everything is said and done, card showing after ‘A’ can’t possibly affect the game.

Let’s call the period between ‘A’ and ‘B’ the card showing session.

It would not slow the game down (since it happens only once for every game) yet every player would be granted the opportunity to show their cards if they wanted to after the game is over.

Interesting, thanks for the explanation.

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