Have special tables for trash talkers

There is no problem with trash talking as long as you agree to be at the table. I feel it is great entertainment and would like watching the trash table.

ReplayPoker is not the place for trash talk. The site does not allow inappropriate (chat) behavior.

No cursing, insult or harass of other players on the site. It can start as a joke, but in no time it will be a fight over the whole site.

Greetings Happiness.

ReplayPoker Rules Your Account

Each player may only have one ReplayPoker account.

You must always play with your own account and never let other people use it.

Unfair Play

Collusion, in which two or more players work together – either by sharing knowledge or other means – to gain an unfair advantage, is strictly prohibited.

Chip dumping, in which one player loses a hand intentionally to another player in order to transfer chips, is strictly prohibited.

Chat Rules

Abusive, foul, racist, threatening or otherwise inappropriate chat will not be tolerated.

No forms of advertising are allowed.

Flooding the chat box by entering large amounts of text is not permitted.

Detection and Prevention

ReplayPoker will take steps to detect and prevent all forms of cheating, such as collusion, multiple account abuse and chip dumping. This may include examination of your account and hand histories. Penalties

In the event that ReplayPoker deems that a player has engaged or attempted to engage in cheating or unfair play, or that player will be subject to penalties. These may include warnings, restrictions on play, seizure of funds, muting players in chat, suspension and the closing of accounts.

i think the replys to the suggestion is very formal and with out individual charactor, personally i dont mind a little trash talk and if it gets to much for me, i simply leave the table, i believe trash talk is part of the nature of the game and a big mental aspect of how you may play. in some of the poker series ive watched on telly, those guys have hundreds of thousands at stake and they goad each other and talk trash to each other, the best trash talkers never use profanity.The response spgdog gave was mostly irrevelant, and basically just a page out the rule book. i would enjoy a trash talk table from time to time. THE BACK ALLEY TABLE. All the best Mr astro

Trash talk on tv or on live tables is very different then trash talk from behind your own computer. Most people has no control about it when they are anonymous behind their own computer, in no time it is harass and insulting each other.