Have keyboard shortcuts to replace the mouse during play

Shortcut keys for those that prefer to use the keyboard instead of the mouse.


when i play the game i would like to be more comfortable to play ! so . . . i prefer new shortcuts on keyboard ! like : for Raise = R for Bet = B or for Bet 854 = B854 and Enter !!! that’s a good idea !!!

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I’ve merged your suggestion with an existing topic. Sounds good, if people want to see us add this feature, please vote so we know how popular it is.

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please map commands to keyboard

my sore wrist thanks you

wow. over 2 years and still nothing done i am disappoint

also, when you do this use function keys F1, F2 etc.

The more people like an idea and comment on a topic the more likely we’ll work on getting the feature implemented, so thanks for the feedback. As for F1, F2 etc, Mac users don’t have those keys so we’ll need to use keys everyone could use.

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Like F1 for fold, F2 for call F3 for raise or something.

Not a big idea I know, but it would make life easier for me so I’m sure I can’t be the only one. And pretty simple for you to do I reckon.

And, if you fancy it, button for 2x, 3x, or 4x raises. (They won’t have to have shortcuts associated with them)


Thanks for the suggestion - it hasn’t been suggested in a while, but I’ve merged it with the existing topic - perhaps it will encourage more players to vote for it!

As for the quick bet buttons you mentioned, they’re coming next week!!!

Cool beans! :smiley:

I second this - shortcuts would help a lot, especially when being on a notebook or something and not being able to move the cursor fast. Also not having a cursor at all since I’m playing Poker while working.

are the keyboard buttons working or NOT