Has chip inflation suddenly increased?

Seems that chip inflation has suddenly, over the past couple of months, increased dramatically.
I played 34 hands yesterday before leaving work and won over 42,000 in chips. My rank improved by one rank. It seems that last month I won well over a half million chips and my rank went from 2383 to now 2463. I do know that earlier in the week I won 20k+ chips and my rank did not change. What I’m experiencing is at my current rank, winning 500,000 chips in a month will not even keep me at my current rank.


It could also mean players have increased.

Rank does seem to take a while to update. Sometimes I will have a big winning or losing session and not see the change in rank until the next time I come back.

A nice feature would be to be able to see the “leaderboard around me” so that you can see perhaps the 10 players above and below you in rank with their chip totals.

You can almost do that, but it’s limited to your friends. If you have a lot of them, you can tell what changes they have had. You can also watch your own ranking within your friends group. I’ve been #28 (give or take 2) among mine for months.

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You are correct that could be it. Just not accustom to winning 42K chips and moving 1 rank

I’ve noticed it over the past month- I had a few days where I picked up 10-20K in chips and lost ground in the rankings. I’m only ranked around 6,000, but have never noticed it like this before. I’m guessing a lot of people are taking advantage of their chip specials- or maybe I’ve reached the point where I’ve outranked my skill level.

Replay has had a lot of chip buying promotions, so it is possible that inflation has increased drastically. To get to the same rank as 7 months ago, I needed 220 million more chips than before (400m versus 620m). So that means several billion (10+) more chips are held by the top 50 players than just a few months ago.

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You’re 21 in my list but I’m getting closer each month!

Good for you, vt! We likely have some “friends” that match and others who do not. And, of course, every “new chip” we add, regardless of where it came from, moves us in the right direction. Keep up the good work and I’ll try to do the same.

Also depending how big the chip gap is between two people ranked one rank apart.
example :
payer’s ranked 230 & 231 could be 500 K apart from each other, and player’s
1256 & 1257 are only 1200 apart from each other, And the gap in players 230-240
could be 3.5 million difference, compared to the 10 player gap of 16,000 chips for
players 1256-1266. The closer you get to the front of the pack the larger the chip gap
will be on an average…