Has anyone else lost themelves while in a game?

Numerous times, while waiting for a game to start, or while actually ina game, the screen is lost for what ever reason.

And there doesn’t seem to be a FIND ME functuinor option.

So I have to go back to the lobby to find the game I think I am playing, snad after a few tries locate the game and reopen the screen.

I am not lazy, but I was in computers and technology for over ye45 yars, And it just seems like they missed a simply option, which ticks me off, even more while I search.
Generally I like this site, but there are other options. And at least when I offer them a suggestion, they acknowledge thay are looking at. Not so here. It just went into the bit nucket, or is being ignored, or whatever but I never even got a response when I suggested this


When this happens, you don’t need to go back to the lobby. Just go to the Dashboard, and you will have a list of all the games you are registered to and/or are playing, under My Games And Tournaments which will appear on the right, just above Latest Achievements.

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I never even noticed that…thanks!


Thanks for the tip. Been playing here and asked Replay a bunch of times, but never got an answer. Players helping players. Thanks

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thanks thats really helpfu yud76l ,

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