Hard slog, phantom players

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Tournament ID: #184165 Starts: Apr 6, 9:00pm EDT (running about 3 hours) Table 480062 was inactive for some time, possibly for up to last hour of the 3 + hours duration. Players on Table 480055 believe we were the last ‘legitimate’ players, and accordingly, should be ‘paid out’ as last 6 postions. Even Descman, who finished ‘13th’ position, we feel, should be credited with ‘7th’ position. This applies to others who finished below Descman?? We appreciate that your systems are experiencing glitches as you transition to upgraded site. Thanks for all you do Tinihanga Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Don’t let players sit out the whole tournament topic.

Its more like a problem, Im sure some stuff member will investigate soon.

Sorry I put in the wrong thread this, “phantom players” :slight_smile:

Hi tinihanga

There is a technical problem with a couple of tournaments. One table never ran and the tournaments not ended for that reason. I hope the problems will be resolved today, there are more tournaments with the same problem, still shows as running, wrong ranking, most of them with a table which not ran from the start.

Sorry for the inconvience, if possible it will be resolved today.

Hi tinihanga,

Very sorry for the trouble during this tournament. As Happiness mentioned, we had a few issues over the weekend, which were due to our database server that crashed on Friday night. As of yesterday, we’ve refunded all of the buy-ins for this tournament and we’ve also distributed all of the correct prizes to everyone that placed, so everything should be sorted out now. Thanks very much for your patience and support!

Cheers, Lesley