Hard playing multiple tables

I have seen a thread long ago, and with things not making into it here, but making the grade for the HTML5 version (ugg), it is seriously annoying to know you can play up to 6 tables as long as you know when it becomes your turn on said tables, but here its almost impossible.

There was a format on FullTilt that was 4 tables @ once, and thier code would have distinct sounds for raise vs call, your turn vs short time left, but 1 of the most usefull was when a player was playing multiple tables, when another table was your turn… not only was there a sound but the browser window would flash or chg color untill you switched to it.

There was none of this crap where you know its your turn on another table but you don’t know which one, and by the time you find the right one, you already timed out… Please have some solution for this problem in the next version. ( and possibly different sounds for the 4 above mentioned situations )



I think there should be some way to split the screen to make it easier… although personally I have no idea how. Was also wondering whether multi tabling counts towards the ring game promotion. I think it should but would like a confirmation.



On another site I played you could cascade your tables and see them all at the same time.
Players could play 6 at a time which was awesome because we could see every table at the same time…the site was called pkr.com

Hi Webagel, the hands played on all tables count towards the Ring Game Leaderboard, including more than one table played at the same time.

The idea about the split screen is interesting and we will look into that. Other sites do have functions which make tiling, cascading or stacking tables easier and we are aware this would make scoring Leaderboard points easier.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays, Rob

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As Sarah said we discussed this at length in other thread awhile back.

I run Windows 10 Creators Edition on my machine and I use Microsoft Edge Browser.

In Windows 10 they have what’s called snap for each window. On my 18 “ screen I can have 4 tables if I wanted to, clear as day or I can have as many monitors as I wanted to with a table on each but that’s way too much multitasking for playing poker.

So the technology is there in windows 10 but you won’t get alerts for each table.

Let’s see what HTML5 brings to the site.

whenever that is lol

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I stack them so I can see usually 2 fully, and the bottom of the other 2.
Thats not the problem, the problem is simple… I hear the ding but by the time my attention moves from the table I’m watching, I have to go thru all tables to see which one I need to act on… and if I’m playing fast tables , which I prefer, I actually start timing out sometimes especially on the off chance 3 tables go live @ once.

I used to play 4 tables no prob, and up to 6 on FullTilt, I don’t have a widescreen display so I cannot do what Craig can… but thats not the problem… I just need to know which table to go directly to, then I can surely keep up with 4. If you remember that was a special SnG KO thingy, they (fulltilt) had where you play 4 tables @ once, and very fun to play in…

I’m not asking you to go all the way where players themselves can upload sounds to thier acct for many actions, like a call , raise or fold… ( even tho that would be extremely kewl ) but since playing just the Regionals usually involves playing 2 tables @ the same time, it would be nice for a visual clue. May I suggest a call to the browser to flash the border untill the user switches to that window, as the live window… that simple chg, would work fantastically as more than 1 table need’d a response… because 2 or more windows would flash, and not stop untill you clicked on them.

Bottom line Chase, this isn’t just for those who play mult tables, its more for everyone’s enjoyment while having to play with ppl who play on mult tables… lolol.

And since in another thread like 1-2 months ago , someone did refer to “raise” “call” being the same sound and getting mess’d up thinking they should be different sounds, so thats why I said above, please look @ those 4 sounds listed… again for everyone’s enjoyment , for such a simple difference thats cake to code in.


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That sounds fair and simple enough. I should have mentioned I can play the screens like I said but your right Sarah it’s way too much for me as the Browser above the table doesn’t flash to call my attention to it so I just play one for now sometimes 2 if I concentrate.

after playing tonight for a couple hours…
sheesh, I’m begging for a all-the-time [ ] fold option… yes, even if I can check !!!