Happiness and Andrew " m- m-m-make me happy"(tropic thunder movie reference)

This is a very Happy and thankful " shout out " to Happiness & Andrew…for finding out what happened to my missing 100,000 chips .you guys(generic) are the best… Everyday that i play on this site i am more impressed than the day before…Especially in the support ,(which is what REALLY COUNTS ) …I played on partypoker ,Ultimatebet, fulltilt,and many more too numerous to list for years,and without question you guys are the BEST…You guys(Generic) “m-m-m- make me happy”…Thanks to the maximum degree .rgman

Thanks rgman, I really appreciate it! If you ever need anything else feel free to reach back out :slight_smile:

Hi rgman, Thanks for the kind words and glad we could help you:)