Hands You Play with a Certain Player

It would be cool if you should filter your hands to only hands that you played with a certain player. It will allow you to analyze your hands against strong players. It can also help you decide if a friend request is some random dude or someone you have played with.


Seems like that would take an amazing amount of computing power and memory, to be able to isolate and replay all your hands against any one of the almost 1.4 million registered users. Gotta be billions of hands involved. Easier just to have you sort through your hands and look for him/her. No doubt one of Replay’s techs could answer how practical it is and whether or not it would be cost effective for them to do. Good luck.

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If and when they allow for hands to be exported this should be possible. For now we don’t have access to the data in any meaningful way. Its been mentioned before and I believe this feature was being considered once the switch to HTML5 is completed.


That puts it somewhere between 1 and 5 years in the future, I suspect.


I would also like to be able to go back and find hands easily.

I would like to see is a list of hands I have gone all in with.

Ideally there should be a wide selection of filters to help you find any hand you want.

Otherwise whats the point in “replay” if you can’t find the hand?