Hand of the Month - September

We’re introducing a new monthly promotion that we’re running right here on our forum: Hand of the Month!

Each month, we want to hear from you. What was the most interesting hand you saw? It could be a hand you played in or just happened to watch, but it needs to be within the last month.

Give us a link to the replay and share a little bit about what stood out in this hand to you and why you think we should highlight it. Please keep your submissions productive and avoid making any playstyle choices personal.

Submit your interesting hands to our Hand of the Month e-mail address: hotm@replaypoker.com

Our Poker Ops team will discuss what they found interesting about the hand, and we’ll post about it on our blog! Once the post is up, we’ll link it over on our forum and open it up to discussion.

As a thanks for participating, we’re giving the player whose submission we chose 500,000 chips! Not only that, we’ll be choosing five random participants to receive 50,000 chips from the discussion thread as well.

Our mailbox is now open! Please send your submissions to hotm@replaypoker.com. Entries will be accepted through September 30th. We’ll post our article and discussion thread during the first week of October.

We look forward to seeing your hand replays!


Q: How many hands from the same person do you want to see because you might get flooded.

Maybe limit it to 2 submissions per person?

Q: what is the cut off date for submissions?

If it starts today does that mean the 20th of next month is the cut off?

Q: Can we also post the link to the saved hand here in the forum?

Looking forward to submitting some really oddball hands I have seen!

Great questions!

  1. No submission cap this time around! If we regret this decision, I’ll mention a cap in our October call for entries. :wink:
  2. The cut-off date for this month is Wednesday the 26th, as we’ll be choosing the hand later that day. Any hand from September through that point will qualify. For future months, I’ll be posting new threads calling for submissions and will let you know the deadline in those cases. We’ll always be looking for hands from that particular month.
  3. Right now, we’re keeping everything to e-mail, but we’re always adaptable with these promos we try out, so I’ll let you know if we change that in the future.

Hope that helps clarify!


I sent a e-mail do we get a conformation e-mail was received?

There won’t be a reply confirming each submission, but they’re coming through fine. We do see yours there as well!

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Dang. The Royal Flush laid out on the table would have been a winner, but it was a couple of months ago now.

wow that happened again? i was playing 5 years ago here and it happened, craziest hand ive ever seen, funny thing was i bet all in and 2 players folded lol.the rest of us actually made chips on it. i have it saved in my best hands but this is for this month only:(

Fizzymint: This is a GREAT idea. Well done!!! Rob

I’m curious, why are you doing this through email?

I think the point is to come back to the forums with just 1 hand to discuss. Whereas if the hands are posted in the forums everybody would be discussing everything before the hand is selected, and maybe even arguing the selection.

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Maya’s assumption is correct – there have been a lot of great threads discussing various hands and why they stand out, so we want this particular promotion to focus on what makes this one hand that our Poker Ops team has chosen interesting. Having an open thread about it allows the opportunity for things to get derailed about which hand should have been chosen vs. keeping the discussion to the single hand of the month.

That said, this is shiny and new, and all feedback will be welcome for future months. We’re open minded!

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Hi Everyone,

just a quick update to say we are getting some interesting submissions, but I want to remind you that the hand has to be from September and if you can give us a few words about what your thought process was during the hand, it will save us from accusing you of value betting when you were actually making a perfectly sized bluff !!

Keep them coming

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agree that hands submitted should be kept private. just want to add that, if going to do hand of a month type thing, that hands submitted should be from 1st day until last day of the month. this was probably a spur of a moment idea for this month, but kinda odd end a contest when there are still days left in this month. just saying

Not to be snarky, but I would be less concerned with what your staff thinks and more concerned with what your customers think.

That’s why you have forum moderators. Moderation should be more than closing threads when they get out of hand.

Allowing your customers to post the hands with a “no discussion” rule would allow us to vote on the hands with likes. The winner would be the one your customers find to be the most interesting and stop the tin hat crew from thinking the contest is “rigged.”

This would have other benefits too. It would help build community by encouraging engagement. It would increase page views, which increases your search positioning, which drives more traffic to the poker site, which increases revenue.

You are paying staff to review hands when they should be doing, you know, staff stuff? SMH

Anyway, these are just my opinions. I am offering them in the spirit of help, not trying to be insulting in any way.

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I don’t know SPG, I’m not with you on that one.

Thinking the contest is rigged means that one doesn’t trust the Op team or have faith in the fairness of the staff, and that’s a problem, not just for this contest.

And regarding the customers voting on the most interesting hand; I would like to refer you to the “Players Rating Players” thread, where the idea was discouraged because of what people said would be “bias”, “a popularity contest”, and “less skilled players rating skilled play”.
Whilst I’m all for community voting, the response that idea had was very negative. I don’t see why it would be any different here.

These are also just my opinions, but I agree with the way the contest is for now. But as Ash said, they’re open to suggestions and might change the way it’s done in the future, so let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:

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A post was merged into an existing topic: The fairness debate

Judging from “The Fairness Debate” thread, there doesn’t seem to be much faith in the fairness the way it is, why add fuel to the fire? A player voting scheme would be transparent.

I don’t think these are the same thing. The idea of players rating players was rejected because it wasn’t a meaningful and useful system, and would have been difficult to implement. We can only vote once per post, using existing tools, so this would be fair and easy to do.

As I see it, they are going to run a contest that sucks up staff time and costs them money instead of one that would have more benefit for the community and make them money. It’s an odd way to run a business, but eh.

It won’t change my life either way, I’m just offering some feedback, which they asked for.

I do hope they will at least do some keyword research before they title the winning post thread. “Poker Hand of the Month Winner - September” is probably better than “Contest Winner - September,” for example. I haven’t done the keyword/phrase research and don’t intend to, but a few minutes with a good keyword tool would be worth the effort.

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You raise some excellent points there.
But I still respectfully disagree. The fairness of the selection made by experienced staff members is not less trustworthy than the voting of community members. If a league member posts a hand, all his fellow league members will vote for it. If a forum butterfly posts a hand, all her forum friends will vote for it.
I think leaving the selection to the Op team is much better in terms of fairness. But again, this is just my opinion. And I still agree with you on many points.

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I never suggested that the staff would be less than fair. Anything done behind closed doors raises more suspicions than something done in full view. This is a basic fact of human nature, and has little to do with the actual fairness.

I guess my basic questions is “interesting” to who, exactly? What’s the point of this “contest”?

Community building benefits the site owners and the community. Letting the community take part in the process maximizes both aspects.

I do agree that the players as a whole are not perfectly suited to understanding what makes an “interesting” hand. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people make bad calls, catch a 2 outer on the river, and have most of the table exclaim, “VNH!!” There’s nothing nice or interesting about stupid luck. A semi-trained chicken, pecking keys at random, can make that kind of play. Slightly amusing? Sure. Interesting? Not so much.

So yes, I agree, the staff would be fair and probably have a better grasp on what makes an interesting hand. However, I still say letting the community drive the process would provide way more benefit overall.

But hey, what do I know? :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea however the main problem in my opinion would be to get enough people to actually take the time to view all of the hands, which would be the only accurate and fair way to judge the hands. i dont know how many hands are posted for the month but just cant see many players viewing all of them just to vote for a winner. i guess it would depend on how many hands you would need to view and how long that would actually take. just my opinion and feed back. i like the player/community participation factor tho, it. cant hurt to get players involved. maybe have players vote on the best hand and staff vote on the best hand, and have 2 winners or it might the same winner…

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