Hand history charts for given tournaments

Rather than just having the link that replays the previous hand, I think it would be great to have a link to a display of all the hands that have been played so far in any given tournament or Sit n Go.

This could be done in a chart format, rather than replaying each hand played.

For example, these could be the chart headings…

Hand No. -

Player -

Preflop -

Flop -




Deadman -

Bet (100) -

Bet (150) -

Call -

All In


Call (100) - Raise (300)-

Raise (500)

Fold :slight_smile:

Player 3


Player 4


Player 5 -


I like to look at previous hands, but just having the last hand played isn’t really that helpful, and having to watch the whole hand through is annoying.

What do you think?

Hand No----Player------Preflop----------Flop---------Turn---------River

2352342— Deadman - Bet (100) -

Bet (150) - —Call - —

All In ---------------Gould47 – Call (100) - Raise (300)- Raise (500) Fold :slight_smile: ---------------Player 3 - -Fold ---------------Player 4 —Fold ----------------Player 5 - Fold

I think a visual snapshot of a hand is a great idea. You said you’d like to see all hands played in a tournament in this format. So not only would you want to go to a replay, and see it as the snapshot you’ve described above but also a long list of snapshots that you can browse though, correct?

Yeah exactly. This way you would be able to see how all the past hands have played out rather than just a full replay of the one previous hand.

This is how BetFred does it. Each hand number is listed on the far left, and the snapshot of each hand is displayed in the main screen.

Note the “Replay” button at the top left. You can replay a specific hand if you want to see the whole thing.

Thanks for sharing deadmansout, that’s exactly the kind of report I was thinking of. So yeah definitely this is something we’ll implement - it’s just a matter of when. Lots of exciting enhancements to the site this year, but I got a feeling this could come sooner rather than later =)

Cool. But in any case, I love RP poker. Just trying to enhance the site…

nice idea and post

The above table does not show who had the dealer chip in any given hand. Perhaps you could add this. You could just put (D) next to the player name