Can anybody explain why I have to allow either Halliburton Company or Merit Computer Network to access my computer before Replay will connect me to a table? I would like to know exactly what allowing this access means for my computer’s security. Thanks.

Hi @rustyblade

I’m honestly not sure because I’ve never heard of that before. The only thing you should have to allow is Flash to run if you don’t have the Replay Poker Google Chrome extension.

I recommend emailing the support team at support@replaypoker.com as they can look into this for you.

I hope this helps!


I don’t think I can directly answer this, but I can say that I doubt it’s a security concern.

MERIT is the Michigan Educational Research Information Triad, and is considered one of the USA’s leading cyber security companies. They maintain and monitor an ever-growing 10 GB fiber network, and provide a variety of security and internet services, including domain name services.

As far as I can tell, Replay is “located” in the Google cloud. If I had to guess, I would say Merit provides or monitors the network security, so is more a safeguard than a threat.

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Gone are the days you could say… only allow Site-name-here . com to communicate with your computer. Companies like Google force site holders to embedd thier crap, into the site, and it gets worse… modern browsers have less ability to selectively dissalow access. And don’t get me started on android mobile… Google designed and built android, thier software cannot be removed or you end up removing the whole operating system, or its so unusable its basically trash if you just turn everything off.

Why not just call the internet… Skynet 1.0 ???

You see “people’s data” is why stuff ends up free. Your Data is paying your way, whether you know it or not. Security, is a lark too… if there’s 10 sites other than (site-name-here), that ( site-name-here) uses… then to use ( site-name-here ) you pretty much have to allow the other 10 sites too, or dont use ( site-name-here ).

Many ppl don’t even know the difference between or there is such things as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party cookies. Its also why in the past you paid for server space/time and now everything is in the freak’n cloud.

Compounded by that is goverments that say, well u put it out there (online) so you cannot expect privacy, yet they don’t say that they push the private sector to migrate stuff to the net, thru laws and other ways… possibly to get around “privacy rights” of thier citizens and claim plausable deniability.

Me personally, I feel all smartphones are a defacto “mark of the beast”. No, they aren’t a chip in your forehead, but you willingly carry them around everywhere you go 24/7/365. Add to that the more ppl that trade “freedom/rights” for “security” ( or the impression of better security )… the more personal freedoms/rights are taken away from us.


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I’ve been connecting to RPP tables for over 3 years now via a wide variety of different computer systems and have never, ever, needed to allow any company/entity access to any of these systems before successfully connecting to a RPP Table. As Marc978 wrote, the only requirement is for Flash to run. I think the issue lies within your system and/or your ISP connection.

Well, as long as i am guessing, I would guess that, since the OP isn’t in the USA, he might be subjected to an additional level of scrutiny. He’s not bound by US law, which would make it much much harder for Goofle to do anything if he pulled some shady stuff. I’m not saying that he would, but still.

Haliburton has like 2 or 3 dozen holding companies, so who knows what kinds of companies they run.

If you’re running windows, you can always add their URLs to your firewall block list and see what happens.

Unless you’re running something like PeerBlock software which blocks unauthorised access and informs you when companies attempt such access, you will be totally unaware of the problem. Not my system nor my connection.

Here you go…sorry if it’s small. If it is, just click on the image and it should be good to go.

And yeah, Valve doesn’t like to take no for an answer.

Should really have done this before posting but not the first time I’ve taken the easy way out. :roll_eyes:
Just checked out the TCP protocol and found this.

"TCP provides communication between an application program and the Internet Protocol (they are frequently written as TCP/IP.) An application does not need to required packet fragmentation on the transmission medium or other mechanisms for sending data in order to be sent via TCP. [While IP handles actual delivery of the data], TCP keeps track of ‘segments’ - the individual units of data transmission that a message is divided into for efficient routing through the network.

Due to unpredictable network behavior, IP packets can be lost or delivered out of order; TCP detects and minimizes these issues by reordering packet data or requesting redelivery. This accuracy comes with a tradeoff in speed. TCP is known more for reliability, but this accuracy comes from trading speed, sometimes coming with a delay of several seconds."

All of which I guess means that without allowing TCP access, information transfer between all the players at the table wouldn’t work or would at least be unreliable.

Thanks to all for the replies and see you at the tables.

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