Hacker on site

crackpop37 shows his name as crackpipe37 and back and forth…there is either a gliche or this person has hacking abilities … when i tried to see what his stats were it showed my avatar and page this worries me greatly he has either hacked my page or this site … eitherway i’m worried about my banking information being used and that of my families this needs to be addressed before any of us can support financially this site ever again

part of this sounds a little familiar read first few posts under [ whats up] inthis forum.in the latest section

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In fact it is simple, this player had chosen the username CrackPipe37, May 16th the staff had changed that username in CrackPop37, i assume the player was in play when the username was changed. The user name CrackPipe37 was not accessible any more from that moment.

When you check a players profile and you see your own profile the checked profile is not accessible, other players not see your profile, they also see their own profile.

Better that profile would be blanc instead of showing your own profile. Thought it was on the to-do list already, but not sure.

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I’ll keep checking back to see if there are any more gliches when they play