PLZ…make this change now : If a person sit 3 hands grey in a turn, kick him out and split his money between rest of ppl on that table. Then finally we maybe can get rid of all that sit tactical grey.

Hi Maxon,

Thanks for the suggestion. I totally get where you’re coming from, however it’s important to note that despite how frustrating a player sitting out may be, it’s a perfectly legal poker tactic – the player has paid their entry fee and they can choose to sit out if they wish.

We’ve recently made some changes to make this tactic less appealing. Now, if a player sits out for more than 50% of the hands in a tournament, they do not earn any tournament points. This takes care of most of the “abuse” where players were simply registering for a lot of tournaments and then sitting out just to collect their points. This doesn’t prevent everyone from sitting out, but it has helped to a certain extent.

We do continue to adjust things as needed, but we’ve no plans at this time to start booting folks for sitting out.

Cheers, Lesley

So soon all will sit grey on a table. Then i stop go to this nice site.

In a sit´n go turn, often a grey player can end up in money. He or she only let the others fight. Sad that it is possible. Allso sad to see that the most " tactical grey " player i have seen since i started 2006, has now become a moderator!!! Terrible!!!

But big thanks for your answeer Lesley =0)