Grey tactic

If a player sit grey more then 3 hands in a tournament, i suggest he or she should be kicked out. And split the players chips on rest of the table. So we finally can get rid of players who use this chicken tactic and let other ppl fight.


I’ll second that !

Yes it does bother me too, but their are some people here that mite be a tad handicapped or have toilet problem’s . To accommodate them I believe we should give 6 hands then take them out.

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agree completely. Do it!!

It already boots 'ya out at the end of the 3rd round, if you haven’t played a hand.
Seems to wok ok.


Look, Treat it like a real cash MTT … if you pay to enter, you stay untill you bust out, or get blinded out … There should be no top 50% rule, no level 3 rule, and no 50% participation rule…

No matter what you think, other than paying the blinds… you don’t have to play any hands…
Get over it, quit be’n a whimp about it… just as someone can waste a 20 sec timer everytime its thier turn, so can someone fold every hand if they so choose.

I don’t like squatters either, but when ppl talk about strategy and levels… 2 of my levels in any MTT are “gett’n past the bingo players” & “Dead money bubble”(ppl blind’n out) … The level 3 rule, artificially sets the DMB at end of level 3…

If you’re playing a SnG or MTT … Only for ROI / Wins… then the only bubble that matters is the payout bubble… Since Leaderboards also have rules that aren’t about “poker”, when players play for those instead of ROI, then thier strategy is completely different…

Bottom Line : I paid to enter, I deserve the right to play how I so choose… (within poker rules)


Addendum :
Smart players, should recognize and without collusion eat up Squatters almost psychically.

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It was only a suggestion to make the site more nice. But if we want grey players…fine for me.

ok Warlock… I can live tho with the level 3 rule, I just learned how to get past it myself.

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We all know my story, but when you learn online poker playing basically 180 or 360 ppl SnGs, that start every 5 minutes, and close registration in 2 seconds (after MTT is opened for registration )… along with from there, 9 ppl SnGs to build bankroll … you learn pretty quickly what to watch out for, and what to exploit…

Basically, the 1st 3 hands were bingo hands, cause its huge to get up 3-5x or wait 2-3 minutes for the next one … from there you’re outlasting the squatters ( ppl that enter, but never play )… once thats over, then you can get down to the mean-green … only pays top 3, so there is no 50%, there is no big bubble… its chip-up and make final table, from there make top 3 …

Theres nothing on Replay, that replicates this especially as cut-throat as it was… remember thats a 180/360 Freeroll SnG, but pays out real cash … even tho its only a few pennies… its was real cash… The 9 ppl SnGs, were micro stakes… say .10 + .01 to enter …

My opinion is to use rules to your adv if possible, simply as “smart gameplay” … ignoring the format of a leaderboard is saying basically… waste your time trying for something you prolly won’t achieve…

Different promotions, should offer different challanges thru rules… but yes, you’re right Warlock… if it takes playing 2 hands and registering 1 min before cutoff… to get the points to win a promo, then I hope I recognize that, and play accordingly …

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I’m still in favor of tossing the " Grey players " with any other implementations that will make "our poker experience enjoyable "

Carry on…

I’d rather see them do away with the late entry, if you haven’t bought into the game before it starts then wait for the next one.

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Agree !

What difference does it make if players sit there grey? Some of you have WAY too much time on your hands. Stop trying to tell everyone else how to play their game and worry about your own. geez


Late reg, is way more helpfull than it is hurtfull … but that was another thread.

You must be one of the "Grey Players " right ? The problem is the " grey players " do not play poker!!!

They sit at 10-15 tables , roll the dice hoping they place in the money position and they always do without playing a hand.

Sorry I’m wealthy and have way to much time on my hands to come and enjoy some poker on Replay.

I guess I’ll worry about my own hands that I lose to the “Grey players”…

Carry on.

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Remind me why it’s more helpful to my game ?

Actually I am not a grey player. I rarely play here anymore and when I did or still do I only play league tourneys. I also only play 1 table at a time. Grey players are playing the options given to them. They wait on good hands cuz they know they will always have callers. Heres an idea that may have gotten past you. Play your normal game and when you see a grey come to life, you could just fold. He wont last long collecting his blinds.Everyone gets so hostile or facetious when they get a response they dont like. Poker is about adaptation and getting upset about about issues that are within the current rules just plays into their plan. I never stopped carrying on…

That’s taking the game of Poker right out of the equation. That’s why I’m here anyway, to play poker not to collect blinds.


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