Grey Ghost

3 Hands GREY…in turnament = OUT just an ide so ALL fight!!!

If you refer to the seat out time ( 4min , I believe now, recently revieved by staff and CEO) exchange to 3 hand.

Its would not realy work, as at low player count , it would be way too short.

Some player want longer time, some want lower. In the order to please all players, RP considering make a time pool. Based on tour time, spent time on tour, use of seat out time. Something like thet.

This should give all users what they want, and help keep actual player count on RP, even make it bigger and happy community.

I think we need to differentiate between ring games that have a 4 min sit out time, and tournaments which have no sit out time, but you have to pay the blinds. The general consensus on poker sites is that if you payed your buy-in for a tournament you can join at any time, whilst you still have chips. We updated it a while back so that players will never win a hand when they’re sitting out of a tournament, and will continue to pay the blinds, so they shouldn’t ever finish ‘in the money’.

Cant be done something in tournament?,

progressive time pool say the base time 10 min. say last 5 tour played by the user, (over 6 pp in tour count)

every tour of thet 5 give extra 1 min incrase, IF none of the time used. If user used up all 10 min, then in the next tour he got only 9min downcrase. This is just an aprox nr, can be 30 min start, 5 min incrase or decrase.

Any stats about how much player seat out or how much time, or abuse this?