Green register button when owning a applicable ticket

a few times ive clicked the “chips” button when i was in possession of a ticket, a colored “ticket” button would most likely have prevented that

*if you register early and are aware you could always un-register and then use your ticket, i’me often last minute


I see where you’re coming from, the ticket button is almost greyed-out compared to the bright red Chips button. A little colour there won’t hurt.


A colored button would be an improvement, along with some spacing between the two.


Perfect solution :+1:t2: you have come up with a few great ideas for the site. This one for sure.
Thank you!

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yesterday, again i used chips instead of my ticket, wrote support and they refunded :1st_place_medal: :+1:

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Great support team we have !!!

Not much point in having a 100K ticket when there are so few games to take them. Need to be able to use them in smaller buy-in games. If they want to forfeit the remainder, fair enough.


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