Gray out players

I thought there was a plan to deal with gray out players. I understand they have paid for the tourney,but it is very frustrating to loose a paying spot to someone that is “not” really playing.
I don’t think its fair to the other players that do show up and actually play! Often times I find these players make an appearance at or close to the final table, when the rest of us have struggle to get there. In my opinion they should be remove from the tourney after a few hands of no activity.

How do they make final tables without playing?

What’s the difference between them being there and folding every hand and not being there?

There’s nothing wrong with being away, but it’s a big disadvantage to get blinded and anted out. I don’t see any reason at all to change things. If someone has accumulated enough chips to coast into the “money” or make the final table, good on them. They aren’t doing themselves any favors by auto folding every hand.

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agreed and besides should be easy pickins for you …if u can’t beat a zombie ,what does that say about your game! :wink:

that comment was meant for mima btw lol

What if i got a “sucker” seat and every hand i have j 2, 2j, q 4, 5 q, 2 k, k2, … like this during hour, and one time i can have some nice hand like j 10 but nothing on pot… ofcause i will fold all the time!

I agree… I see players sit out yet ‘make the money’ nearly every day… It doesn’t bother me a whit… Although I confess that if I can kill clock to hurt them and not hurt me - I Do It Every Time…

The clock is their worst enemy because they’re sitting out, so if it is to your advantage to kill some clock I recommend you consider doing that…

Killing clock is often a good strategy, and if it ticks people off into making a mistake mores the better…

Gym time…

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I agree with Winstons “killing the clock” theory. If a zombie thinks he can possibly accumulate chips by just hanging in there…he should be eliminated with the clock…poker is all about “playing”. A zombie doesn’t play.

Let me reply to your comment. I want to give you a scenario of what happens. You get K,A, good hand right? blinds get maybe double or triple, you are in, flop reveals 4,4,A, so you are still in but get beat by trips of 4. The zombie maybe looses the blind, maybe not. And that’s how you end up getting “beat” by a zombie… I consider myself a good player, it has nothing to do with how I play, since I can’t “play” a person that’s not there.

I agree with mima928. Other games after10 hands they are deleted. Check with Pure play poker and others some are shorter.

Another issue that’s becoming a common occurrence is the zombie that isn’t. I play sit n go and I’m seeing this more and more.
IMHO both of those players should have been dead when the cards were dealt.
Chucks comment about “a zombie doesn’t play” doesn’t apply.
Mima928 comment I can’t play a person that’s not there…you won’t know if he’s there or not.
If a player wants to sit out the entire game that’s their business they won’t be a winner in the long run.
Just my 2 cents

so just because someone doesn’t want to bet on their hand they get deleted? what about that other comment about if you get a string of bad hands? i play, by all means, but I’m not about to bet on a bad hand and sometimes you get a lot of those in a row. Sometimes I feel frisky and bet on things I shouldn’t, sometimes I want to play around to test my bluffing skills. I agree that if someone is at a table for like 45 minutes without doing anything, okay wtf, but who does that? and if anything it’s one less big/small blind I have to put in.