Good Things That Have Happened Because Of Quarantine?

This may seem like a strange question but what are some good things that have happened because of the pandemic / quarantine ? Maybe you’ve been able to spend more time with family or take up a new hobby for example.

A few good things that have happened during pandemic / quarantine for me are being able to spend a lot more time with family especially when the pandemic first started. We stayed home for weeks reminiscing about family stories and it was nice to just spend time together.

Another good thing that has happened because of pandemic / quarantine is renewing my interest in gaming and playing different video game genres that I probably never would have if it wasn’t for the pandemic.

I’ve also joined a few different online communities since the pandemic / quarantine started and have met new online friends.

What are some good things that have happened because of the pandemic / quarantine?



I got a puppy, which I would never have done, and she has made my life so much more fun. And I finally got around to getting my EU citizenship after talking about doing it for 15 years. Plus, working from home has been great. Also, driving less and growing food in the backyard.

This pandemic has been a catastrophe for the world and so many people, but it has changed life for the better in a few ways.


I started a food truck business with another individual that specializes in gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s fun, profitable, hugely popular and fulfilles a need in the community :+1:t2:


Yet another food truck you need to hijack over here to California to let me get my grilled cheese on!


Actually, I consider it a blessing to have discovered, through all the upheavals of the past year, who my true friends are. Sometimes this information can come as a surprise!


Morning Jan, absolutely!!! :+1:t2::joy: “ get your grilled cheese on “ I love that saying!!!

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@JoeDirk please treasure that little doggie more than your own kids (if any!). Her love is unconditional and not really very demanding. There are very few bad dogs, there are far too many bad owners.

Woof, woof


Tried and tried ,can’t think of any. I guess being still here is a good thing.

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I realized that with a lot of people having financial problems, that care of their pets might get pushed to the bottom of their list. So with the help of my vet, I purchased 2 mobile vet trucks, completely outfitted for almost any procedure. I pledged to fund them for 10 years. I also have them stocked with pet food. All services are free. I know in my heart it is just a drop in the ocean, but I just wanted to be able to help somehow.


I guess the only good thing is I’m saving money because there is nowhere to go, nothing to do and no end in sight.

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Studies have shown that pets can help people live longer healthier lives, certainly happier ones. Congratulations on your new family member.