Good call, bad call, bang your head against the wall

S&G 5/9 left
Blinds: 100/200
I have 9h 7h
V1 (CO) (3,664) calls 200
V2 (Button) (4,013) calls 200
H (SB) (7,415) calls 100
V3 (BB)(5,438) checks
Flop (800) 8c 7s 4h
At this point, i check, ready to bail. three to a straight, three to a flush, middle pair. doesn’t sound promising. However, everyone checks, and i get to see the
Turn (800) 8c 7s 4h 6h
H (SB) checks, V3 (BB) bets 450, V1 (CO) calls 450, V2 (Button) raises to 2,600,
Here it is…perfect time to walk away, but nooooooo…
H (SB) calls 2,600, BB folds, CO raises all-in to 3,484, Button calls,
let’s assume that they’re not trying to blow air past me. They both hit the straight. i wouldn’t think a flush draw would warrant your tourney life, but i see it time after time. even without counting outs for 2pr or trips, i still have a flush draw and OESD, but no nuts.
9T beats river trash, and 9J wins if a T hits. both hands get played a lot here. 5 would work, but then i’m at the bottom of the straight. then there’s the flush. i kinda look at a suited hand as the nuts, in a 5 card flush, but i know it’s not a lock, and i have 9 high.
but then there’s pot odds. at this point in the hand, i’m being asked to call 800 - 900 chips, to win 10.7K. i guess my question is…how bad must your hand be to justify not making this call?
Hand #527527696 has results

You identified it already in your post. The real decision point in this hand is when the button raises to 2,600. Whatever hands you decide to call that raise with, you’re going to have the pot odds to call another few hundred if CO jams. Even you had 2 pair and they both have a straight, you have 4 outs to a full house and you’re getting the right odds to call for 800 to win 10.7k. Plus, you have them both covered so if you call and lose you still have a workable stack to continue with in the tournament.


Bink and win the hand is a double knock out as well to ITM!

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It would have to be so bad that you did not call the 2600. There should be zero hands you call 2600 but fold to CO back raise all in for 800 more. Mandatory call here.

With the chip lead I wouldn’t mind raise folding here to a pre flop shove, would be nice to have a blocker of some sort though. This hand plays better HU then it does multi-way and it’s really tough to play OOP. I want to attack these weak limp ranges. Pre is okay but being OOP you’re going to have to fold your equity quite a bit.

Flop is fine, but I wouldn’t be looking to auto fold with middle pair a gut shot and bdfd. Easy x/c and evaluate turns.

Turn I think we should be leading to deny equity. I don’t see people x over pairs or a 9 here so a 7 is likely the best hand quite often and when it’s not we’ll have the best draw and tons of equity with our outs.


Agreed. In addition, facing a call after your open, on this board you can take the initiative and lead out with your middle pair and backdoor draws… but only if you open preflop instead of flatting. That would likely fold out the fives that make a straight on the turn. Still have to worry about overpairs and sets, but you have lots of outs to improve.


probably 95% of what i know about holdem, comes from this forum. there are knowledgeable people here, who enjoy playing and discussing poker. if they haven’t kicked me out, with some of the really dumb moves i make at the table, then you should be fine. six months ago, i knew there was a big blind, but that was about it. just ask questions, and check out links that people post.
Also, check ‘players helping players’. juicee has posted tutorials that are informative and pretty easy to read.

About the hand:
i would have folded the one gapper anywhere but the blinds. Knowing this, and seeing only one heart in the flop, i was already thinking i might need to step away. no one pushed me off the hand, and the turn gave me the flush and OES draws, so i start thinking “Hey, I, too, can be a contender.”
i’m still on the bubble, tho, and chip poor, so getting third or better probably took up more of my reasoning than i realized. TBH, I didn’t fully consider the pot odds, or the chips i’d have left if i called and lost, until looking at the replay, later. Had i done so, i’m sure i would have called. Not so long ago, i’d probably bet on a shot from half court, if someone gave me those odds.
As it turned out, i did fold, missed the draws, finished 3rd, and still don’t understand shoving 97s preflop. I guess limping draws, and getting aggressive with my money cards is an easy tell for anyone who notices, but i’m having a hard time keeping my betting, uniform. Let me guess…Don’t play as many suited hands, and go as hard with the ones i do play, as anything else?
Oh, and please excuse the title. i was trying to give it the Dr. Sesus touch.

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