God of HU

Hello all, I am at 1000/2000 The Face-off table and facing no opponents, no fish wants to play with me HU, so I am ready to crush anyone if you are not scared to play with me.

Obviously fish is quitting my table (The Face-off 3 1000/2000) after few hands lol. P.S. I’m sure the good players are almost non-existent on this site.

Still waiting for forum players(fish) to challenge me (: Table The Face-off 3 1000/2000

Everyone is afraid of your username :rofl::rofl:


Come play with me in the Duck Pond :duck:



I thought you were the greatest until you got felted and quit.:rofl::rofl::rofl:.

How long can you wait? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Vipervfish80, I am ready (:
The Face-off 1000/2000. And feelmysins, I checked your hand history, your last ring game hands were 15 days ago, which is more than age of my account, lol.

I’m not a fish. I’m a Hellcat Ace! :small_airplane::
I’ll take you out like I did pokerking3344 when the time is right. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The face-off 4 1000/2000. I am ready to play with all forum players (fish). Props to jedwins who managed to challenge me and lost ~ 2.5 buy-ins. I’m ready for more.

Brah you were getting owned by the fish in the Duck Pond - I ended up with more chips than you :rofl:

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The face-off 2 1000/2000. I’m here to crush you.

(post deleted by author)
lol :slight_smile: Did you enjoy crushing at HU table?

Please stop … No one crushed anyone … Like I said those stakes bore me if u want to play we can play 10k/20k Min 1 Million buy in … If not all good and best of luck :slight_smile:

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I have less than 180BB if we play 10k/20k. That’s less than one standard deviation for heads up variance to 100 hands. You clearly don’t understand how variance works in poker, fish.

U need to either take the challenge of not simple as that … Calling names is for fools and children … Like I said best of luck :slight_smile:


@dos-rios, The face-off 3 1000/2000

Tourney I played today with Satan :rofl: - so much for “God of HU”


Says min3better who checked turn (totally non-afraid that I can have FD and run him over on river).
Second hand is standard for 15BB stacks against range limping (and probably overfolding) opponent. Note that Q5o is borderline open for 15BB stacks and I have to range call min3bet due to pot odds)