there was a problem with tour id 293203, table 738848. the lobby page never showed more than four players in this sng tour. no prompt to play now. I went to unregister, and message said regs were closed. went to dash board and my sng tour said in progress. went to table and the game had been in progress for some time. one player was seated and apparently no one knew the game was running. Michael was already over 3000 chips from post and folds. radduc was on the same tour, and i’m fairly certain he wasn’t aware the tour was running either. one seat was empty when I got on the table, but only one other player was on the table. not sure what happened to cause the problem, but I would appreciate it if you could look into it. thanks strings.

Replay Poker monitors but is not active in this community. Sent this thread to the right staff members, hopefully they check it out soon, its nearly weekend, may take longer then usually. Next time you could get faster respond if you send email directly to support to ATB