Giving winning hands to a lesser hand not splitting chips

I had had winning hand and have had the cips go to some one else. I had a king high flush and the system gave ti to a king high flush. the other day day we had a split pot and it gave me all the chips. Henly55

The split is determined by the first five cards as I understand it.

No the first five cards do not count. You get to use the 2 in the blinds the 3 on the flop and 1 on both the turn and the river. So 7 in all. If there are no pairs or higher in the hands then the highest cards will win the hand. The top five or highest card/s is twinning hand. The two of us both had aces and tens in the blinds and the next three cards in the flop turn and river we both use. That means we used the same high cards in the flop, turn and river making our hand equal and a split. The system did not see this and gave me all the chips. Both of us knew this and typed it in the conversation / notice board on the table we were playing.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Chip count rip off. Today the system gave my ace high flush to a king high flush. Also when I log out of a table it does not put what I had at the table back into my total chip count. the other day we spilt a pot but it gave me all the chips and did not split it. In the past I have lost full houses to two pairs. As of toady I am down 5500 chips. Henley55 Har*****

Hi Henley55,

Does this look like the correct hand? Without any more info to go on (date, time, table/tournament, opponent) it’s tough to find a single hand in our logs.

If it’s the one I linked, that hand appears to have been awarded correctly to DockC1968 with the higher flush. The rules for flushes and tiebreakers is that the flush with the highest ranking card wins. For example: A-9-8-7-5 beats K-Q-J-5-4. If the highest cards in each flush are the same, the next highest cards are compared. This process continues until either the hands are shown to be exactly the same, or there is a winner.

In the case of the hand above, you had 2-3-7-J-A and DockC1968 had 3-5-7-K-A, so his K > your J and he wins the hand.

If you encounter any other hands you’d like us to review, please take note of the hand number or any other details that can help us find it, and we’ll be happy to take a look and explain what happened.

Cheers, Lesley