Giving Back - Lessons from an Elite Player

Figured I’d leave this here. I’ve had so much success in this great game of poker just wanted to give something back. Honestly, thought I played this textbook and hopefully some young players just starting out can see a good example of maximizing value. Certainly no disrespect to the opponent. I played it perfectly and there really wasn’t anything she/he could so here. Cheers!


So why slow roll him like that?


Lessons from an elite player
…so much success
I played it perfectly

From where I sit your chip total, your achievements and your endorsements might lead me to question your credentials.

But no lack of self-esteem!


every blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.


You played it well, but I wouldn’t call you an elite player. Arrogant, yes. But elite, no.


As far as Replay poker is concerned, you are a low ranked player, considering that you have only a small amount of chips after 2 years on the site.

The flop immediately suggested the possibility of a straight flush, so your opponent, who is presumably not a top-ranked player did not play this very well. In his place, I would have bet the flop with a semi bluff to establish whether you liked the flop or not. Your preflop raise plus a call on the flop would have suggested the possible presence of the ace of hearts in your hole cards.

His shove on the river in response to your reraise seems pointless. What did he think was beating him that might fold to this bet?


Flopping a straight flush is always nice. That’s never happened to me in about 130,000 games on this site. The best thing I’ve ever flopped is quads aces. Your opponent will be disappointed with his performance here. While he can be forgiven for overlooking the possibility that you flopped a straight flush (I would’ve refused to entertain the notion), if there are 4 of a suit on the table and you don’t have the ace, you must fold. I don’t care if you’ve got the king. Even though sometimes you might fold the winning hand, it’s just good practice to fold in that situation. Been burned in that situation a few times and it shall not happen again.


I can’t work out if Starbuck is taking the p*ss with this post.


Nice flop!

But, what’s with your slow call play with the all-in raise on the river?

I probably would’ve been hesitant with your river re-raise but I would’ve been happy with just calling it.

It just seems a lot of players on here like the all-in move playing HU.


Yeah! Thought everyone would like that one! Crazy hand and, like I said, just happened to be feeling it that day and played it beautifully. It’s all for nothing though if I can’t give back to the poker community and positively impact some young players (and even some of the struggling veterans who posted replies) with a good example of how to figure it all out and maximize value!

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You checked the flop and min bet the turn… hardly optimal except in very rare circumstances.

The only way you got paid on the river is because he happened to have a big heart (K), and because a heart came on the river.

Played perfectly? No. Don’t confuse process with outcome. It worked out well in that particular hand, but over your opponent’s range, was far from optimal.


Ummm … @Starbuck12, you do realise that you are the lowest ranked person in this thread?

You had a hand that almost played itself and you managed to get it wrong. Even if you think you’re taking the p*ss in this thread, you should very carefully read what SPG said and take notes.

It’s fine and funny when a very highly respected and highly ranked player starts a “joke” thread about how to lose chips. There is no humour and no appeal when someone who can’t get past 80,000 chips in 2 years starts a thread such as this one.

Hope this helps,


So you flopped a straight flush, in a heads up micro stakes, and managed to win it at showdown

Congratulations, thanks for showing us how you did it and taking the time to give back like this. Particularly how you kept your cool under such pressure.

Following this revelation I’m personally reevaluating my whole approach to Poker.


Hey there Sun! Think you’re trying a little to hard there, you’re talking outdated concepts. Standard thinking only gets so far. Lots of zeal to bring it down - perhaps too much?

Analyst - there you go, good for you chiming on in! Like the comment and all of the others, it’s ideas (not chips) of course that grow the game - that’s why there’s a community forum and not just a chip count for all players. Certainly an appealing idea! Hey but you’re contributing and that’s great, no shame in missing the mark there. Maybe a little for trying to stand on my shoulders though! Enjoy the game!

I was reviewing this hand again today and, this is a very good example of why people have QUESTIONS regarding RP’s RNG.

  1. Flopping a str8 flush?? It happens but, really what are the odds?

  2. In this case 4 hearts hitting the board which means 7 of the 13 hearts were in play in this HU hand. What are the odds?

  3. @Starbuck12 's opponent to have the K of hearts as one of his hole cards. The only way his opponent was to lose was for Starbuck to have an Ace or a str8 flush. Again, what are the odds?

  4. The only thing missing IMO from all of this is that his opponent wasn’t @wildpokerdude in this hand. Again, what were the odds??

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I know what the odds are that an internet troll posts about it if it happens :slight_smile:


Very elite play, 440% lead overbet while having capped range (AA, AQ,QQ should 3bet or shove preflop) with air.

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His elite play is why Starbuck likes to give all of us pointers. I’m always grateful for him showing us how to play. Pretty much an advanced lesson on what not to do.


I think the lessons here have reached a natural conclusion and I am closing the thread.
Thank you all for your observations.