Ghosts stay till their chips are gone

I have noticed the last couple of days that a player is not removed after 3 blind levels even though they never sat in .

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It always seems to me that the person who plays just before the ghost has a real advantage in a game. True?


We will make adjustments on those Andromeda 50k games so no-shows are removed at level two.


Thank you , also happened in League games

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Hi Sharon, I checked the templates for all your Poker Amusement games and they are configured to kick the No Shows. Do you know which games you last saw them stick around too long?

Could it be that they played a hand right at the start and then sat out?

One bug we have seen recently is if the player sees the flop of the first hand because they are ‘walked’ in the big blind they are credited with doing something and that saves them from being a No Show


Hi Rob Dream Weaver league , it happened again last night a member was a no show for 25 mins and then showed up late apologizing for being late. He was able to play , which was good for me since he is on my team . Maybe 25mins is correct timing for 2 blind levels though. Thanks for looking into it.

I’ve also seen the same thing in 7.5k as 20 K Andromeda tables.

Hi, Dream Team is set to 3 levels of 8 minutes, so 24 is the allowance. Sound like they got there just in time.

It can be reduced if you like. :sunglasses:

Oh ok great , 3 blind levels is perfect. I guess he just made it in the nic of time.