Getting skipped

this has happened to me a few times, and I was wondering why it happens. after sitting down at a new table, on a ring game. I choose not to post the extra big blind so I can get settled and study the table. but when its my turn to be in the big blind and start playing, the big blind skips me and I have to wait till it comes all the way around again. ??? why? also,when checking my stats I would like to know if my pots won % is based on hands played? or flops seen. because replay counts any time I get cards as a hand played. I deem this unfair, because I don’t see a flop with rags like 7/2, 9/4, j/3 etc. and choose to fold, I don’t think my win % should be based this way. checking my hands won/vs, flops seen I should be close to 20%. I see many a player that limp in and play every hand they get no matter the preflop bet, or the cards they hold,hoping to match up. while I see hands that I choose not to play win, I think the odds are better if you stick to the basics and play smart poker, so the pots won% should be based on my flops seen. any comments? thanks

A: its because Replay doesn’t yet have a simple checkbox for " wait for BigBlind "
B: its because you didn’t uncheck “away” correctly, only tried that once and work’d 4me.

Stats wise, the current page is almost useless if ya ask me. Needs a complete overhaul including a Power Ranking that prolly should be incorporated into any new player ranking system. ( see other thread )

thanks sarah, after posting that. I found that if I don’t check anything( wait ) I have not been skipped since. but thanks for the reply

You can be skipped from entering the big blind the player that was last in the big blind leaves (goes bust, or goes “away”) before the start of the hand that would have put you in the big blind. This is because the small blind would move to your seat, instead of the seat of the previous BB, and Replay won’t allow you to start your first hand in the small blind. This is was forces you to wait for the BB to come around again, or otherwise post the BB.