Getting buggy

The site was fast and solid for a long time but, recently got buggier than crap

Can you try and be a little more specific PRobertC. What are you having problems with?

your scripts keep hanging, reported by the OS.

Sorry to hear you’re running into trouble. Could you offer any more details? Does it give you a script name? Is there a specific error message?

We’re not currently aware of any problems on our end, but the internet is a large, mysterious place. Any more information you could provide, including a screenshot, would be super helpful!


I just lost my 10K instead of winning 48K because I could not call…and my hand was auto folded. My straight was obviously the strongest hand without a flush possibility on the the table. This “freezing” of the graffics while the game continues has costed me more hands. Winning is hard enough on its own and 48K is a lot for me. It’s sick and sucks bigtime. I’m unable to play my game like this. Frustration…

I admit I am pretty useless when it comes to technology so there’s probably no mertitt in this . Anyway , I was experiencing problems such as

  1. Try to make a raise and get timed out and auto folded . (Not due to my own slowness)

  2. Unable to see my own chip amount or anyone elses due to “muck” “check” “fold” continually sticking over there seat details

  3. Constantly getting disconnected from the table and being unable to log back in without completely leaving the site and re-sitting

  4. Honestly , no joke , the other day I had joined a low stakes ring game , I was not allowed in the first hand so I just looked at the hand play out , 3 players to the river , and then… BAM another card , a 6th card!!! Wedged between the River card and the 3 O’Clock seat. Weird…

  5. I would reg for a game and it would seem to be taking ages to fill , I would refresh the page and see the same number of entrants as before I refreshed. Then fully log out and back in to find the game had indeed filled and now I was 6th out of nine in the 3rd level of the game.

  6. And lots of other little niggly stuff.

Now it seems as If Im here to give out. I am not . I am very patient but got to admit , losing due to tech issues is the single most annoying occurence possible in online Poker. So I had to try everything (Within my diminutive Tech Arsenal) I use Firefox , so I refreshed firefox, ensured I was using the latest version, deleted history , unused bookmarks , cache , temporary files , made sure my connection was running efficiently, latest flash player yada yada yada. So finally :grinning:NONE OF IT WORKED.:confused::confounded::expressionless:
Logged on to Replay , still glithcier than Fallout New Vegas. So out of frustration and complete bewilderdness I said screw it im done , I cant win any chips with these glitches . Forget this site!!! Hang on a sec why not give old Internet Explorer a quick whirl before you wirte the site off . So , I did and now like magic Replay is running like an absolute dream . I dont know why or how its better but it is genuinely running infinitely better . Any tech wizz’s know why this would be ? Is there a specific set up that is preferable ? Really love to know , and if anyone could explain the glitches that would be great especially the 6 cards on th board one.

not sure if this will help figure out any issues but for me the long running script was more common during the thanksgiving 3 man sng’s only happened few times bottom of screen says site has stopped due to replay has long running script with box to hit with curser STOP SCRIPT if hit u lose site for little bit and comes back on all seems ok.this is what I experienced anyways.the auto fold is better when this happens clock goes real fast then just folds u.then your name goes gray like you are sitting out time to react seemed to happen when I would have won pot.

I can answer that one! This is a bug with the flash client. The extra cards are leftovers from the previous hand, where the client “hiccuped” and forgot to clear the table, more or less. They’re not “real” cards and don’t show in the replays, etc. (Imagine how annoying /that/ was to figure out!) We have a developer that helps us with that, and we’re also building a new, not-Flash client. (Which means better mobile support too. \o/)

We know how annoying it is to encounter technical difficulties and we are building new architecture to help with that! In fact, we have a consulting group helping us out this week with our database architecture. Unfortunately, it takes time to do it right and it never looks very shiny from the outside, but we are still working on other bugs and features in parallel. (Seriously, the tech team is wicked talented.)

Right now, though, you have our apologies and the knowledge that we’re working to make it better. =)

@gatzby When RP do the anouncements on dashboard/lobby/main page , the site slow down big time. Can You please split it like first min all “A” started nick name, second “B” and so on. OR similar. But You do flood your own website for that short time if you not split it up. May couse other problems too, may worth to check out.

Do you mean the messages that pop up with messages from us about tournaments, or the broadcast messages that announce winners/events? Could you give us an example of a message?

Not at the table. The main page news from staff members, not read it too much, just close it asap
Right side of the its have a eggsell colour background

Okay, cool, thanks. That’s a tool we use called Intercom – it may be a problem on their end just as easily as anywhere else. We’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks for letting us know!