Get rid of Royal -- replace with STUD

Tons of bingo players in here and Royal is one game they don’t like. So please keep it!

Badugi would be nice. And keep Royal.

haven’t played Royal but replay needs to get rid ofSNG mt with a 500 chip buy in 4 50 to 60 players !!! takes hours to fill the tables and limits the other SNG games that fill up quickly.

lets play a mans game STUD only kidding girls i know u can track me down

Greetings RePlay Family,
The game Royal has two different origins as far as I can tell… You have the obvious Hold’em part of the game, But the use of a modified deck Ace through Ten. That has been mainly use for the game of Euchre, which I was taught on my dad’s knee.
Personally I love 7 card stud and or Razz ( Razz will push you off a ledge if you’re close to one… So be careful…)
There’s some other interesting games that are variations of Hold’em. Pineapple & Crazy Pineapple. All over eastern Nevada, mostly the smaller little towns. These little old lady gamblers LOVED both versions of Pineapple Hold’em. They would spend thousands sometimes trying to get even. Then back the next night with a purse full of hundreds. Cattle Ranchers and miners, who knew…

Note: Euchre
In the United States the only teaching of this game, except a few paragraphs in the late American editions of Hoyle’s Games, and of Bonn’s New Hand-Book of Games, is contained in The Game of Euchre; with its Laws, 32mo., Philadelphia, 1850, pp. 32, attributed to a late learned jurist. * From Wikipedia *