Get rid of Royal -- replace with STUD

I’d love stud, razz, stud 8, badugi, HORSE and 8 game to be introduced


Badugi and Pineapple would be awesome

Royal is like it’s own little community, when I first started playing on here I was strictly just NLHE but now I rarely find myself playing anything besides RHE.

Please get rid of Royal. Would rather play Dominoes. Add more Omaha Hi-Lo. Thanks!

leave royal a loan it make’s it more fun when everybody can have a killer hand!!
to all the hater’s if you don’t like Royal don’t sign up for it, I think replay needs to add more free role’s and make this game a cash pay out and everybody will be happy.

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We all concede almost everyone likes royal, but that wasnt the question. This guy was asking for stud, 8 up, draw etc…

What are your intentions for diversfiying the field

Seems to me he was merely asking for a fresh game to play.

Why do people want to get rid of royal? If you don’t like it just don’t play it. If you do play it, you know it is a great game that actually requires thinking, and that any hand can win at any given time. If you just want to see a good pocket and press “ALL IN” and not strain your brain that hard, and not be fairly obvious if you are an all the time bluffer, there are games for you to do that. There is a whole little royal community of people who play it daily and if taken away these people would just play elsewhere. Honestly there are so many empty tables for every game all the time, if there is demand for a particular game at a particular time you should be able to play it no problem.

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Yes, this is what we’ve heard. We also heard on Thursday’s you all dress in purple priest’s robes and chant Book of the Dead incantations in Latin, such as: “Et nota quod, sicut asinus non sciunt regium est regium.” We know there is a cult of you and you look down upon the rest of us. We have lost fine Texas Hold’em players and Omaha players to the Holy Royalty. We must put a stop to it all!


Just thought I would mention that the Book of the Dead is not Latin at all, it is from Egypt and far prior to the Latin language forming.

Actually using Latin was a joke for Galak, who teaches Latin, can easily translate what I wrote, as well as being a lead for him if he so chooses. Plus I didn’t know how the hieroglyphs would work here.

My interests are more pointed at the Gnostic gospels and the Dead Sea Scrolls. These two unearthings have the major religions of the world still participating in the cover-up of all the horrors they committed.


In that case, try bronzeage for your fonts

I fail to see what Agnosticism and the Hebrew / Christian history has to do with adding some fun new games to our play.

Before you ask, I know what the 12 Sephiroth are and who the Ain-Soph is…this is not a forum for that discussion so please try to stay on topic

Hari, you are absolutely right! How dare me joke about the various exotic games being discussed.

The truth is I support all exotic games. If they attract as many bad players as the games can handle, leaving the serious players who do see value in the chips they accumulate free from 72o all ins, I am happy.


K, we r good

lets go play, shall we :wink:

Pick your poison. I’ll be there at 7:30 Eastern ))

there is no way you can win on any of these games. cant beat stupid. never seen so many flops of same suit, chasers hit more often than not. wait for ever and ever to catch a playable hand and then watch it go to crap. REPLAY SUCKS!!!

No-brainer on the font. Wingdings. Maps 1:1 with hieroglyphics. Promise! :grinning:

Stumbled onto Royal by accident. Couldn’t believe the cards I was getting on the first hand. And everybody else! Thought I hit a lucky table…took a couple of hands to realize something just wasn’t right.

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Happened to me too. Took 5 hands before I was sure something wasn’t right. Had a great laugh about it with some friends and moved on. I have to admit that I’ve gone to a low stakes Royal table on occasion when I’m running cold in hold 'em just to see what great hole cards look like.

People seem to enjoy the game so I’m glad RP offers it.

I miss HORSE. I used to play HORSE all the time on pokerstars until my laptop didn’t support there software anymore. I do like what I’m offered by replaypoker, but HORSE would be a wellcome addition.