Get rid of Royal -- replace with STUD

Royal is the dumbest game I have ever seen.

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Amen–The Royal tournaments are a joke. Get rid of them.

i only play NLHE but it would be fun to play stud here if that’s a possibility… i would give it a shot…

lots of people seem to like royal, no need to get rid of it

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I wouldn’t say royal should be removed because it has it’s own challenges
But I would love to see Stud be introduced to Replay

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Royal doesn’t bother me,in fact I play in the free rolls on occasion.But I would definitely love to see stud(5 and/or 7) along w/ 5 card draw added.I know RP probably have their hands full (pun intended) but adding these games would be great and may even attract new players,like me,who cut their teeth on 5 card draw.

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Yes. I strongly agree. However, it surely does not mean that Royal need be abandoned, does it? There are so many variations that fall under the “Poker” blanket. Surely RP can accommodate a couple more. Stud…Draw…7-card whatevers…hell, I’d even suggest a Hold-'Em with, say, deuces wild, just for the amusement value, because it need only be a cheap buy-in. Just a thought.
Keep it up RP.

Thanks for the feedback all!

Stud is a very popular poker variant (especially in the US) and we definitely wish to have this poker game added to the list in the future. Same goes for other game variants such as Razz, Eight or Better, Omaha 5 cards etc.

We won’t get rid of Royal though as this is still a game that some do enjoy. When you run bad, it can be refreshing to see some decent cards for a few hands. :wink: We actually have a promotion featuring this game next week… :blush:

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Royal is a good game. Keep it. A lot of people do not understand the game. There is a different strategy to it. Pocket aces do not mean a thing in this game. I like it because it keeps out a lot of bingo players. Its a game you got to have patience to win and that’s what a lot of people don’t like about it. Replay if you look at history its a lot of the same crowd who understands the game and enjoy it. KEEP IT!!!


My name is Tallies and I play royal tornaments 6 times a day. Why get rid of a game that u do not understand and all the players im playing with does. Just Saying

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I Love the Royal game,and I say keep it !! I could see stud just turning into a Bingo Table,and Bingos not my Game…

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I’d love to see it, even more 8 game.


Having dreams of a tournament with different game types every day.
Mix the Six.
Six days long with six games per day of a different game type each day played at six seat tables. Tournament prize pool of six million split between the top 6% . Maybe only count a players results of the first two games every day to make it fairer for those of us with time constraints.
Depending on how many variants that may be added “Seven to Heaven” or The Great Eight" could also be possible using the same basic structure.

P.S. Keep Royal. Its a great game…

It would be awesome If they add Stud but I see no reason why they have to get rid of Royal. I recently started playing Royal and enjoy it.

I love royal poker. What happens is that some players think they can win it with bingo and it is not. Its not that easy. Playing well requires patience, strategy, decision and some good luck.
Royal is the best there is to know how to enjoy it …

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Royal is amazing. Only bingo players might think is not. Is the only poker game I play lately

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I play a lot of royal and I hope it stays and hope you do add more games it makes for more fun and a great challenge

another game would be nice but getting rid of royal would be bad

Yeah, they should keep royal but do away with 4s. The 4s could be replaced with 2 new cards: the Step-son of Neuroplasticity and the Aunt of Horrible Fashion Sense, along with an extra King of Hearts and Ace of Clubs.

While you’re at it, add Razz and 7 stud eights.

Hello and sorry for my english (i use google translate)

Royal is my favorite type of poker.
It seems to many a one lucky game, but I assure you that if you played with those who know him become very complex and varied…
do not know the STUD variant, I’m sure it will be fun, but because having to sacrifice the royal game???

Ciao :wink:

Royal isn’t going anywhere! It’s great to hear all the other formats people are interested in, but we won’t need to it away in order to add something new. In fact, you can go check out the new Mardi Gras Royal Festival right now! :wink:

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