Get rid of new style can't stand do not log me in with new style

get rid of new style can’t stand do not log me in with new style

Hi space:)

Just try it out for a few days, and then tell what you dislike at it. The new site is in many ways easier and faster to use. Give yourself time to get used to it. I know it take some time:)…

Greetings Happiness.

  • ReplayPoker Team

Note, that we’re aware that players using Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions maybe not get the optimal experience from the new site. Unfortunately these browsers are quite old now and aren’t designed to take advantage of the latest web technologies. We’ll be working on some optimization techniques to improve performance, but we strongly advise you to upgrade your browser to either Internet Explorer 9 or 10, or better still switch to Google Chrome, our recommended browser!

Hey spacejunk1, sorry to hear you’re not liking the new design. I’d be really grateful if you can tell us what you don’t like about it. As you know we always listen to feedback and try our best to accommodate everyone. We’ve rolled out the new website really slowly, first giving players the option to try it out; which was great because we collected a lot of feedback and made lots of changes to improve it. Now with the new site, we’ve left access to the old website for those having a hard time moving over. Of course longer term we’re only a small team and we don’t have the resource to support two websites, so eventually, maybe even later this month, we aim to move everyone over. But not before we get your feedback and make changes that will help you feel more at home.

Let me just also say, we understand that change is difficult and not to the liking of everyone. As a poker site though we need to keep pushing forward, making improvements and attracting new players to the site. Unfortunately the feedback we were getting from new sign ups was that the old site was started to feel very dated, and lacked the new web technologies that web users have become accustomed to. Our goal is simple to make the best possible play money poker site, but we need to attract more players in order to do that. If the new site helps us to attract and retain more players then it’s worth the pain of moving.

We only ask you to be a little patient and give the new site time to sink in. If you still don’t like it, then tell us why and we’ll do our utmost to make changes to win you over!

I was wondering if that might be the problem, but spacejunk1 is using Chrome - so the browser isn’t the issue.

the fonts and size seem gothic

fonts and graphics seem kiddush i’m here to play poker not look at new style poker is poker it hasn’t changed so why change? You can’t change the rules of poker.

just get me to a table basically that is what you do all that new stuff doesn’t get me to table any faster So why

I also dont care for the new, but I will give it a try (if I have to). It seems a little confusing to me, but maybe thats because i’m used to the old. I know the team worked hard to come up with new, so i will give it a good go. Just hope I like it, so when the old is gone I’m not too! Thanks

The old will go, when new stable inaf. The old have to go as not get new update/work on it. Develop the new took nearly one year.

Please make your suggestions , how RP can make it better for you.

Thanks for the feedback gopo, we really do want to know your feedback. This is just the first version of the new site, we’ll be constantly improving it but we have to start somewhere.

Thanks for the feedback spacejunk. Can you elaborate a bit more. Visual things like fonts, colors and the size of things are easy to change. What sort of things appeal to you? For example, do you find the new site too bright or confusing to navigate?

I need more than 11% :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok. Now seriously. People complain that the confused, I also. I will be free to suggest something like this :

Recognized color of the site Different colors indicate different status. Black-saving background without much contrast that does not tire your eyes.

Dashboard and other pages in a similar style. ( not yet devised :slight_smile:

When I go into the tounaments, i am confused at which ones are alive and which are running? It says ago, and to me that means already started. Perhaps it’s me, but i don’t understand this part. If they are tournament s to sign up for then they shouldn’t say ago. Thanks, Gopo

If the tournament started 2 mins ago and the late registration is open still, you are able to register for that tournament.

Thanks sarkozi. Perhaps we should poll players to find out if they prefer a lighter or darker style design, then we can pass over to the design pros to finish up.

but 2 tours same time started, 1 says register, 1 says late reg. thanks for reporting gopo

oh no… thets brutal in soo many level