Games bankroll+R

why can’t some of the bankroll +R be omaha ?

Thanks for the suggestion ronc11, I’ll forward it to our scheduling team to consider.

Hi ronc,

We had more requests for more Omaha (hi/lo) tournaments, as soon as we refresh the daily tournament schedule (probably later this year) we shall offer more Omaha (hi/lo) tournaments.

Would like to know if players are interested in more tournaments with a small buy-in or also more tournaments with a higher buy-in.

And if players are interested in re-buy tournamnets with a higher buy-in (Omaha or Hold’em), for example a buy-in of 10K and in the first 30 mins max 3 times the possibility to re-buy.

Feedback is appreciated as always!

Greetings Happiness.

you mean Omaha Bank roll with Rebuy Bounty game ?

Replying to a “Happiness” who has "replied to a “ronc” about how I would reply to more re-buy on Replay? You are wonderfully complicated !!! Sorry if I have agitated… If so, will wait to be berated… Overstated? I for one, well, I would LOVE more small buy-in re-buy on Replay! OK?

Thanks for your feedback, is always appreciated!