I see alot i feel is us being scammed. Im new to this game but i see players come to a table immediately after i join, theyre buying in with max, throwing large amounts of chips around, highly suspicious like this game is bullying me. Looking at the exorbitant rates of buyable chips i obviously easily draw this conclusion. On top of that there is no table chat, and apparently no way to inspect other players or report activities. My suggestion is lower the cost of chips because without the ability to have any confidence that this is a fair, friendly game you will only get the most gullible dupes to buy your high priced “play” poker chips. Either that or change the above listed things like inability to inspect and report suspicious activity. Until At least one of those things or all happen I can’t see how you think people will have any confidence in this game enough to pay $50 for play poker chips.

Hi SgThrasher,
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You have the ability to report a player on any game table. Just click on the avatar of a player and you will see in the right hand corner a triangle. Hover over that and you will see the words “report player” Just click on that and make your report.
Hope this helps.


Might I suggest playing at the higher stakes tables. You might be pleasantly surprised at the gameplay there.

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No it doesn’t help because I’m using a cellular phone and there’s no hovering on a cell phone

Yes . You are absolutely correct. It’s amazing isn’t it. Lucky you figured it out so fast.
Okay, okay, okay I’ll try to explain the whole plot. Are you ready? This is breaking news.
20’ish years ago a guy set up a poker site with the sole purpose of cheating you out of the free chips he gave you. He Hired a team of techs to sit around for 2 decades just so he could piss you off. How did he know you would join the site… alien magic. No human could possibly know you were going to join so must be a time travelling alien. Now, after all these years and the millions of dollars it cost, he can finally smulgkhj (alien word for laugh) up his fdsghkrvhrfgvbnmf(sleeve) at your discomfort.

Then if you’re having a problem click on the player’s avatar in the game , go to profile and click report player.

I paid for the chips aswad. Dont talk about things you dont know about and act like your being insightful. Cause youre just being an idiot. And I’ll bet I’ll beat you at poker. Stuff it.

Now you hurt my feelings. On not.
And good for you buying chips, helps to keep the site going. Lowering the cost of chips lowers the value of chips which leads to chip inflation. We are all aware of sites where you need millions of chips to play at the entry level tables and Replay would rather prevent that from happening here.
There is a thread on here called “The fairness debate” with 2761 posts. Many of those posts allege suspicious activity, as you do, yet to date not a single shred of evidence has been presented. If you have evidence, lets see it. If not…

Youre going to go on?