I see alot i feel is us being scammed. Im new to this game but i see players come to a table immediately after i join, theyre buying in with max, throwing large amounts of chips around, highly suspicious like this game is bullying me. Looking at the exorbitant rates of buyable chips i obviously easily draw this conclusion. On top of that there is no table chat, and apparently no way to inspect other players or report activities. My suggestion is lower the cost of chips because without the ability to have any confidence that this is a fair, friendly game you will only get the most gullible dupes to buy your high priced “play” poker chips. Either that or change the above listed things like inability to inspect and report suspicious activity. Until At least one of those things or all happen I can’t see how you think people will have any confidence in this game enough to pay $50 for play poker chips.

Hi SgThrasher,
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You have the ability to report a player on any game table. Just click on the avatar of a player and you will see in the right hand corner a triangle. Hover over that and you will see the words “report player” Just click on that and make your report.
Hope this helps.

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Might I suggest playing at the higher stakes tables. You might be pleasantly surprised at the gameplay there.

Best of luck