Game doesnt Load


I have been playing in your site since a couple of months, every other day i face a loading problem , where when i click on a particular ring game , the game stops loading midway —say sometimes on 10 % , sometimes 26 % etec etec …

Sometimes this is very irritating ,…and i want a permanent solution to the problem.

Hi smart_trade

I can imagine that it is annoying, it can be your connection with the site or your software.

Best is use the browser Google Chrome. Remove your cookies and browser history regulary. Also you must have the last update of the flash program Adobe. Maybe a good idea to re-install it. You find a link for that free program here…

If this not helps, check your internet connection and speed. Greetings Happiness

Smart_trade, thanks for reporting this. When it happens and it stops midway, what happens next? Does it just stay there stuck at that number, or does it try reconnection or eventually get to 100%?

Do you have a good internet connection? Is it wired or wireless, how fast is it?

We plan on replacing the flash game with html5 next year, which will help us greatly in identifying problems as well as being a faster more reliable platform.