"FUN 'N DUMB SnG Marathon Madness"

The New Tournament points system is in effect, and is great if you are a Poker Purist and want to play only for a Points per game average with capped play. I have enjoyed the change, but it is a very different game for the non-purist.

it has done what it was suppose to do…kill the 24/7 player.

How about a second SnG Leader Board for the “Fun 'N Dumb”. This Leader Board would go under the old original rules. Play all you want, No Game Caps, No Lost Points, see who can score the most points in a month :slight_smile: It would be an alternative to the 24/7 player and the novice beginner player:-)

There is one thought that keeps coming to mind. Never again, can someone, anyone, take the time and dedication to score 3.3 Million Tournament Points in a month, and to me, that’s sad :slight_smile:

Just a thought, would like to know what you think :slight_smile:


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Agree with you both

totally agree…there should be two…one for the purist and one for the retired old folks who can play 24/7…LOL

Sounds interesting. If we were going down this route, we’d have a single leaderboard/promotion for it, as too many promotions could get confusing.

Moonmanld and others, would you still want a cap like the old rules, which just takes your top X into account, but doesn’t average it. Or would it be a free for all? I think the cap makes it a bit more competitive but still rewards the players that play tons of tourneys - what do you reckon?

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OK cool, care to suggest a cap?

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I hope the May 2015 rule lasts for more than one month before being tossed

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the leader board, regardless of the rules of it, can change the intent of the game. While it’s true that to garner the most “points” you should win the game your in, just finishing in the top 50% gives one points.

So, do you play for points or play for chips…which are in fact two different things. to end the confusion, why not just set up games which are for points only? instead of chips. the entry would be paid for by chips, but the “rewards” are points. then those that want to do that can and those that don’t …and as your formula is set at the beginning of the game, for establishing points…why not list them just as you list the chip payouts on the tournament page.

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What about top lists for the SnGs using a cap and with the avarage for the levels low medium and high. And a leaderboard based on tournament points of all played SnGs (low, medium and high). That way all players can play the same SnGs, no matter if you play 2 games a day or 30 a day, and you only have to watch to the lists you play for, total different ranking system for the same SnGs.

When you have 2 capped leaderboards players must play the SnGs belonging to that leaderboard, more spreading, and nothing will change for players who want to play many SnGs for a leaderboard. And when everyone plays 2 games for one leaderboard and 5 or less games for the other one the SnGs will not fill up quickly. I already think much less SnGs are played now.

I’ve read in the topics about the leaderboard a lot of complaints about players who play a lot, but not forget these players are the motor of the SnGs, they are important and needed, without them it takes a lot of time before the SnG starts and than a lot of players lose their interest in playing SnGs.

Hi everyone:-0

Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner, Just got done doing a Show in Vegas.

These are my feelings. No Caps, No points limits, no, no, no,!!! Play all you want…and boogie til you puke :slight_smile:

The only rule would be, NO CRYING!!! Bad beats, good, All In’s =, Good, stupid pet tricks, Good.

This would be an Unlimited Leader Board. Play all you want, without penalty. 1 leader board for all Buy-ins. Yes there should be chips awarded. If no chips awarded for this tournament, then no chips should be awarded for any tournament.

Why should the 24/7 player be penalized, and discriminated against?

If you want to play Capped play, then play the new system.

A player, if they chose, should be able to play, all they want, and not have a penalty imposed on them because the can play for 24/7.

And like the players that fought for, and I supported, to get the New Leader Board System.

I am going to fight for the Old Leader Board that was in effect in October, 2014, to be put in as a second SnG Tournament level. With one simple change, 1 Leader Board for All Buy-ins:-)

The Poker Purist on this site, got their Leader Board. A Cap on Games played, so that the occasional Player could compete, and not be penalized for Limited Game Play Time Ability. That they felt that they were penalized because they couldn’t play. And a Games played to points average.

Now under the New System, these same players that said they were being treated unfairly because they couldn’t play 24/7, have penalized the Players who can play 24/7…and consider that to be fair.

We are all one family, the Replay Poker Family, we should all be able to play our game.

No matter how “Fun & Dumb” it may be.

Here’s a twist!

If a FnD SnG Tournament was to be started, and it could be down, I volunteer to put a 500 chips bounty on myself for all FnD games :slight_smile:

Knock me out, win 500 chips from my Bank :slight_smile:

What could be…more…Fun 'n Dumb :slight_smile:


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I know your intent was not to hurt the 24/7 play, but, I knew by supporting you, that in the end, I was helping to end Open Tournament Points Play for the 24/7 player.

I thank you for your support, you are a much treasured friend and mentor. Long Live the SS list, and my I be eternally #1


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Thanks Sharon,

I very much enjoy the pleasure of sitting at a table and playing my friends, I just don’t like the thought that i always have to compete against my friends.