Full house on hand 90498159 only read as 3 of a kind

why does this program often fail to recognise a full house

i had this issue a number of times

Hi gbcdoc,

Is this the correct hand? http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/90498055 In the hand you mention above you actually fold, so I don’t think that’s the one. But in 90498055 it looks like it was correctly called as Three of a Kind.

The rules of Omaha Hold’em are slightly different than Texas Hold’em and often this causes some confusion, with most people thinking that they’ve got a better hand that they actually do. In Omaha, a player must use two of their hole cards and three community cards to complete the best hand – in this case your best hand is Three of a Kind. In order to have a Full House you would need to use three of your hole cards and this is not allowed. You can read more about the rules of Omaha here: http://help.replaypoker.com/knowledge_base/topics/omaha-hold-em

I hope that helps clarify.

Cheers, Lesley