Friends that are being dropped

In the past 3 weeks I have had at least 10 friends drop off my list for no reason from either party? I have re;friended all of them and contacted all of them and they had nothing to do with it, nor did I .

WTH is going on?

Trying to limit endorsements or what???

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That’s peculiar – it’s definitely not an attempt to limit endorsements as we love to see folks using that feature. I’ve created a ticket in support so we can follow up on this with you. Please keep an eye on your email.

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OK Thank you Fizzy.

I’ve had several drop off maybe some by their choice or perhaps how I have dropped a few by clicking remove friend rather then send friend a message, A confirm removal button mighta been useful, Just sayin (hint hint) :slightly_smiling_face:
Some become inactive, One just a few days ago (EatThatBet hope all is well)
Is it four months of inactivity for the profile to be removed?

This is a good thread on player rankings and profile removal. Looks like 1 year of inactivity.

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Haven’t seen him around for quite some time. He lives in Portugal and does quite a bit of traveling on his motorcycle, so hopefully he is doing OK.

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Yeah, I wrote to him after he hadn’t been playing for over 2 months, At 4 months his profile disappeared.
Maybe on a world tour :crossed_fingers:

Profile is back, Been on last seen 3 months ago for some time now

Certainly could be. I know he was really frustrated when Porto was on strict lockdown when the pandemic hit, and he couldn’t go anywhere. Last time I talked with him was about the HBO series 100 foot Wave filmed in Nazaré, Portugal.

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Was wondering where he was 2, hope he is ok, nice guy to play poker with on here…