Friends of the Puggywug

I hadn’t noticed it, but I got a ton of friend invites from people. Some names I recognize from the games, some from the forums. But I accepted them all, and now I have 17 poker friends. :heart:

I’m sorry I didn’t see the invites sooner, so for those of you who were waiting a while and wondering, it was nothing personal. I just didn’t see the notifications in my inbox until now.

It’s nice to have you! Say hi when you see me.


A lot of players simply don’t know where (or how) to look for invitations*. If you invite someone and it’s accepted, you get notified. But, there is no notification when you’ve been invited, so unless you check now and then, invitations can sit there, unanswered for years–literally. Glad you found them. Happy New Year.

  • It’s under “Friends,” then “Requests.” If you don’t go looking, you’ll never know they’re there.

Hmm, I get both via email…must be an option in one’s settings.


I got emails as well, but I get a lot of emails, and they get filtered, so I don’t always notice. It’d be cool if they made notifications more visible on the site as well.

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I’m now up to 31 poker friends, and I feel like I’m becoming one of the better known players at the table. Familiar screen names greet me when we start a match, and at least twice in the last week players have commented on my play in a more complimentary way than the obligatory “nice hand”.

Welcome all, and send me a friend request if you’d like, or drop me a message sometime :slight_smile:


I just checked and I now have 52 friends on Replay. That’s one per card in the standard playing deck, which I guess makes me the Joker.

I am hoping to get a couple of more friends soon, as I just sent out some invites today.

I use “friends” as a means to be in connect with the people with whom I will have no contact otherwise. For this reason I don’t invite regular forum members and the people I meet regularly at the table.



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