Friends approval acceptance needs to be added

How come players are allowed to add another player to their friends list without approval and how come they cannot be deleted? This needs to be changed. The privacy aspect of Replay Poker is being compromised. This allows stalking, abusive behavior, downgrades game play, and further diminishes the integrity of RP.

“This allows stalking, abusive behavior,” this behavior can be done without the friend list, so what you ask, its wont solve it.

users need report thet to mods, we sort it out asap

The friend list is under work, just probably last on the list.

The behavior can be done without the friends list but, the user can leave the table or close out the browser and the abuse stops? No, because I am still on their friends list and they can follow me into any room.

tell me who stalking you, I sort it out for you

We are going to be adding the new two-way friends systems shortly. It’ll work just like facebook, where you’ll receive friend requests.

It is not necessarily a friends list. It can be a list of players to avoid. Over a year ago I suggested multiple lists some view able and some not.

We planned on adding it a while ago, but some other tasks crept into our development roadmap so we had to postpone it. We do hope to add this soon, ie. in the next 3 months, maybe even this month. As for adding list of players to avoid, we’re adding a new notation system, where you can write players notes and tag players with a color and a number. You could use this however you wanted, for example tagging players you want to avoid with the color red. Then you can see all players tagged red to make sure to avoid them, is that what you had in mind B17?

I’m noticing a pattern here at RP. Why are you copying fulltiltpoker? RP is slowly merging to how FTP was.

How do you mean socallifer? I think the majority of the features we’ve recently added are pretty standard now across poker clients. The ability to seek friend approval I suspect isn’t something fulltiltpoker provided. There are several enhancements we have planned that are more on the social side, and these I think you’ll see are far from what’s currently being provided at the real money sites.

Thanks Rick!

I was keeping within the system you have in place, where you indicate friends and whether they are online and table location. Tagging them with a color or number would be fine if only if hidden from other players view of your profile.

Ya, ok.

The player was harassing me for a month and he finally left me alone.

I do not play for real money on poker sites and at NO TIME did I EVER mention a real poker site.

RP is slowly copying FTP. Color codes next to a players name, waiting list, folded cards going gray, and the UI is pretty similar.

You ADDED features that are standard? aka RP is following other poker sites rather than setting the precedence.

Hi socallifer

I see what you mean, but it works a bit different. I like to write a comment about it.

ReplayPoker want to keep his own strong points, one of them is the open community. That is why ReplayPoker has the this Support page… And RP wants to keep an open site Clear and easy to play on and easy to contact staff (support) and easy to contact one of the moderators or write an email to support.

Members (ReplayPoker players) can ask for new options or share their ideas about the site. If there are enough votes for an new idea (improvement or option) the staff goes look how to do that. And ofcourse they look at other sites, but it has to fit here. The waitinglist was on the to do list for a long time (you can find that idea / request in an earlier topic here) A lot of idea’s / requests are options an other site has too.

ReplayPoker wants to create a site were all players feels happy. To have fun, play with friends they made here and also to play serious. That is why ReplayPoker always ask their players for their opinion, last week all players had a message to ask what new improvements they like to see on the site.

Thats why i (my personal opinion) want to keep the friendlist open, visible for everyone

Some players dont want to have a friendlist, others like to have a very big friendlist. If you want to find a player, you can type the name in the surch box, so you always can find a player. Even if that player not on the friends list. And on the page “Online Players” you can see every player who is online. And if you have problems with another player you can send a message to a moderator for help and / advice or send an email to support.

But i agree with you that ReplayPoker have to stay ReplayPoker, it is the BEST playmoney site i know and have played on.

Long story,lol, hope it is understandable what i mean.

Greetings Happiness.

I think that the reason that many of these features are standard is because most would agree that they enhance the game. It’s the reason that so many players request them. The friends list enhancements are on our development roadmap, but as I mentioned in another ticket we’re busy working on an improved website, mobile app and html5 client - that’s a lot of stuff for a small team. We still get some time each week or so to release small enhancements and resolve any issues that get reported. So please be patient. I estimate we’ll get to add the friend request feature before the end of January, possibly sooner.

i have referred two people to this poker site and because the wording about sending the link you copy was not clear to me i lost out on 20,000 chips . the first time i thought the link stayed on my page after i copyed it. the second time i sent it to the person to whom i referred and that was wrong to. please check in to this for me i would like my chips. the people i referred are

1 who is now a member. 2 who is also now a member.

please see to this matter,

thankyou j5h

Hi j5h

I have passed it on to the staff. They will view and send you a reply.

Greetings Happiness.

j5h, I’m sending you a message now. I’ll remove your post because it reveals people’s email addresses.

id say its a toss up between PurePlay and Replay They both have excellent graphics.i do like how you can download a version of pureplay with even better game enhancements,i wish RP would create software we can download for the same reason even add slot machines to earn more chips