Friends and Tables

It would be nice to show on your friends list or your friends profile, which table they are playing at so you can find and join them. As it is now, all it says is (Playing) It needs to tell us where.

Thanks Rick

Hi Rick, When it says ‘Playing’ if you click on “playing” it will tell you where your friends are playing.

Also when they are at a particular table or tourney, that becomes highlighted in the lobby so you know where they are.

I understand that. I just want the system to make it more clear which table. The name of the table and the stakes. I might not want to go there is the stakes are too high.

So you want the information more clear, instead of ‘playing’ it should just tell you where and the stake.??

I didnt say I would not go play it, but, yes, I want to know the tables name and stakes. Most poker sites I go to offer this feature. Because, it lets all members know where others are playing.

Of course with the option of playing there if you choose or watching. I think this is a good idea the more information available the better…

Rick, you need to cut back on the coffee.

Before was a small table icon, if you hoover over it, show you what room and stake, I think he may want thet back.

We still show what ring game or tourney a player is playing on. See screenshot below: