Friend Requests at tourneys

How does one request a friend anymore? Used to be easy with a button at the table back when they were white. Since then, I haven’t made a single friend request, even though I wanted to, because I can’t find where to do it. I play tourneys almost exclusively , but can’t seem to find the button to request a friend. Thanks for the help in advance


At the table, click on the player that you want to befriend. That will bring up their info in the notes box. Click on their username to open up their profile page and request from there. Hope that helps.


I think it would be a good idea to include it as an option to be able to send Friend requests at the table, say you don’t want to get distracted by opening a new tab or window with their profile page, but stay focused on the tournament. Should be a simple button somewhere to enable that to happen.


And I agree 100%. Or you can send your friend requests after the game.


Great question, @TheKnutts and yes, I remember the days when it was very easy to add someone to friend list at the table, with just 2 clicks. Also Great solution, @BeerEagle69 , after clicking on player, a small icon could be added before the block avatar icon, in the top right of window. I will post you’re question & solution in the volunteer’s suggestion forum and see if this can be added to the list of improvements. Also Great idea @Craig_Anthony, however it wouldn’t work for me. I get out of 1 tourney hop into another continuously. By the time I decide to quit, I’ve forgotten who all to add. Must be an age thing, lol.

Replay is constantly trying to simplify, the way we perform task’s as this one.
Thanks’ to all, for you’re input & as always, GL at the tables.



Yes Litenin, good idea. As you say, a button next to those three would be ideal.


Anything that streamlines the friendship process sounds great.


Thanks for all the replies.
I do indeed they add a button like where BeerEagle69 says.


@TheKnutts @BeerEagle69 , I have submitted the request. However I don’t want folks to think that is the only way to get suggestion’s accepted. All the Replay members, have the power to ask for specific, problems and possible solution’s. I ask that you send an e-mail to stating the issue & possible solution. You will receive answer from the excellent support team soon. But please remember there a lot more of us players asking for changes than folks working at Replay, so it may take some time & make the list of improvements in future updates.


Priorities first, like a smooth running poker site. Everything else can be added to the “ wishlist “


What jujube said to do was really quite easy, made a friend request when I was out of a hand, was back at the table before the next hand started, so it certainly isn’t a priority at all. Thanks.

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Thanks @TheKnutts , it would be a good feature to quickly add a player at the table for those who wants to and will be pursued. I personally think, we should see the players profile before adding to friend List for many reasons. I have always believed once a friend always a friend, but at times, one think’s for several reason’s this is not a true friend, click’s remove friend and that hurt’s both people and both will always remember the mistake’s made.

This is exactly what I was trying to say. What’s the hurry. When you feel comfortable send a friend request.


Hello everyone!

I can see how adding this feature can simplify adding friends while playing at the tables, and this has been brought up to our Team as a suggestion. :slight_smile: