Friend add link not working?

When trying to add friends at the tables the link does not appear to work, any suggestions ??

That’s odd, just tested myself and it looks like you’re right. All the other links work, but clicking the Add Friend one does nothing. For now click their username and add them as a friend from their profile page. In the meantime, we’ll get this annoying bug fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

Good news, we’ve fixed it!

Yey ! Glad I reported/commented :slight_smile: Now I can add some friends, thank you !

add me

Hmmmm, another glitch. I add friends but they do not show on my list… (my home page)

How can we empty a mailbox by click on one button?

You mean when you invite them or when you accept an friendship invitation?

Either. I have added friends and friends have added me but none appear on my friends leader board…

It shows for me, my last friend shows on my online friends list on on the leaderboard of my friends.

I checked your profile, you have 1 friend, that friend shows on your online friends list and on your friends leaderboard?

You can send me a friendship request, i’ll accept and you can see if i appear on your list (later you can remove me ofcourse)
Than we can see if it works.

Thank you, ill do that :smile:

Seems to be working now, thank you :smile:

You’re welcome, glad it is working now!