Friday Night Poker

Last night, had the TV on in the background, and decided to check “Stadium” ( free tv channel ) cause last week they showed 2 episodes of “Friday Night Poker”. That show is a rebroadcast from a Facebook/Poker Central collaberation. But they advert’d ( @ 650p mst ) that they would be running season finale that had superstars. In the guide, it said there was 3 more hrs last night. I scrambled to a few ppl hoping 1 would post to Forum, none didn’t … and to spread the word, sounded very good to watch.

D.Negranu, P.Helmouth, C.Moneymaker, and A.Esfandiari were playing plus a few nobodys. This format is 5/10 blinds NL, with 7-2 rules, usuall buyin is 2-5k ( 200-500 bb ). Usually its ppl you’ve never heard of, but good comentary. That season finale was jam packed with excitement and drama. Then when I watched the next 2 hrs it exactly contrasted many of the things we all talk and discuss around here.

It perfectly showed how deep pockets can really chg stuff. Usually its a nice casuall type cash game, you add 3 super egos that are deep pockets and all hell broke loose, and the nobodys at the table, just sat there and watched ( pretty much ). Danial N, overtsacked his buyin to 100k… then fairly soon , Helmouth gets into it with Esfandiari, then Esfandiari and helmouth ask for xtra duel’n chips, to be the chipleader.

Like the rest of the table can just casually ask for an extra 100k, some couldnt. Because you had effectively 3 superstacks, table play accordingly was effected. Contrast that with the next 2 hours I watched, and they seem’d tame, but they wouldda seem’d alot better had you just not watched that other episode.

No different here @ replay poker, when a couple whales sit with the fishies. A few of the nobody players didn’t wanna get in the middle of some poker menaj , between Helmouth/Esfandiari/Negranu so would stay outta hands. ( ohh and FNP does use burn cards ) It was fun to watch any poker on TV, but that season Finale didn’t dissapoint. (points) Thats why all of us are sitting here playing online poker (those type table/broadcasts)

I understand its a facebook thing, but Stadium does sometime show the re-broadcasts/streams… its a free TV channel in the USA, check your local listings on Fri night , maybee there might be some poker to watch. IF you’re poor like me and don’t have cable, or don’t watch other streams.

You could just watch, and it mirrored Replay. The bigger the ego/bankroll/level the player seems to be, the more thier play was consistant with what I see here. Even there was a stark difference from reg cash players, the non reg players, and those few superstars I saw last night.

How they think about a hand, how that translates to thier play, how much time does it take for them to make a decision, and what the comentators are saying about everyone’s play, even what card makeup ppl are willing to play with.

( usually ) the better the player, the more likely… if they come into the hand preflop and get raised they defend thier come-in and call/re-raise. Everyone is playing tighter than most do here @ Replay… Duhhh ist for real cash, even if it is only 5/10 unlim. Players in late posistion, will come in preflop with slightly weaker hands or push the action. Watching those 3 hrs on TV, reinforced what I know about poker. The whole ball of wax, and everything I have learned over the years.

There is a certain style of play, that the comentators will describe/talk about, as to if its “good poker” or not. Like if you don’t have those moves in your repitwaw, or thats not your normal play, you’re just not an upper tier player. Now that 1 table with 3 superstack/egos… normal play turned into poker play on steroids. Top top players really do play a whole nother level, but if you can’t compete with thier Bankroll, you kinda can’t get in there and mix it up with them, even if you know the right moves.

People who want to learn to play better need to do 2 things. Play poker more, like on Replay… and watch the professionals and superstars play on TV. Pay attention to the commentators, you might learn something. Pay attention to gameplay and who is doing what/how/when/why. Bring that gameplay here to Replay and try it out, its just for free chips.

Keep your eye out for poker on friday nights USA, even if it a re-broadcast of a Facebook thingy on a obscure channel in the US , on free TV. I’ve seen 8 episodes now, and noone wearing any ReplayPoker Swag.


Effective stacks and range vs range interaction. I can’t say it enough. Don’t learn poker from 10 year old tv shows. It’s not that game anymore.

Also, fish are bad players and whales are very bad players with deep pockets that donate in heaps. Neither are good at poker.

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Fish in 2009: Giving up their stacks because they never believed the button-raiser had a hand
Fish in 2019: Slightly overfolding naked K-high and not check-raising 2nd pairs with backdoor draws at optimal frequencies
I have become the fish


Thanks for letting me know about this program Sassy. Though I don’t get that channel on TV, I was able to find a live stream on the internet and watched. It was a great game. When you put Daniel, Phil and Antonio together it becomes a psychological game too, with lots of table talk, which is always entertaining.