Frequent bad hands after losing a lot of money

In this one game i lost 26k, after that i kept getting bad hands. I mean a lot of bad hands, is this just happening to me or others is well?

I think is no such thing is a bad hand , regadless, no such a thing as good hand. :))

Did you noticed your motions /acts did changed after the “big” lost hand? Dont you think after thet you felt all your hand is bad? Most people tend to “angry” or “feel down” once they loose, then they loose the cool controll… and loose more, whatever they had.

I just try keep play more wise once a bad beat. :slight_smile:

Good luck

I can see where you getting at, people to tend to over-think when they lose significant amount of money, but there was a notable and still is a notable difference in my hands. I’m not a bad player, i know what i’m doing even if i lose half my money.

Perhaps it’s just a losing streak. Who knows? But i doubt it.

Hi Phil,

We haven’t made any adjustments to our RNG or dealer program recently, so nothing would have changed to make it so players are being dealt bad hands. It’s really in our best interest as a business to create the fairest game possible and we’ve done our best to ensure that the cards being dealt are totally random.

Luck goes both ways, so hopefully yours will come back around soon. :slight_smile: