Freeroll tourneys - too many players, too little reward

Is anybody else tired of playing the ‘free-roll’ tourneys with the number of players 250+ ? Knowing it IS free to enter - makes it interesting to join (vs. pay to play tourneys) drawing more & more players - [I get that], but having won a couple, it is a little ridiculous to play all through to the final table, sometimes nearing 2 hours, and win ‘only’ $24,500 ???

First: I want to suggest setting a maximum number of players (entering) - maybe either @ 100 or a more reasonable limit… and end “late registering”…

I have joined tables where the number of players was low, thinking my odds were better, and find out the total had more than doubled.

Second: my other suggestion might be to raise the 'winning" pot - by making fewer places of the pay-out ?

I have only just joined the site, on Saturday, and only played a couple of tournaments, so I am still finding my way around but if there is a freeroll that pays out almost $25,000 it is always going to attract a lot of players. In fact, I would argue that playing against only 250+ is not a lot of players. I currently play the freeroll at Pokerstars Pokerschool and I regularly play against 8,500-10,000 (the maximum allowed) players.

Well done on the wins tho, I will be looking out for those games. Sounds like a good ROI to me.

Free roll is low pot… and high player number as @PerivaleTony said.
Free roll is more for learn, experience tournament, get a taste without the risk.
Time to time actually some ridiculously high chips freeroll on RP. In the past

So, watch out for them (on “Promotions”) and stop complain for something what is unrealistic and could cause serious inflation.


For Ladmo and others who have commented using a $ in their comment. THAT’s your problem.

Replay is a game that is similar to poker, it’s not poker. There are NO $s. It’ll NEVER be poker since there is no way to lose your mortgage or car payment (thank God).

It is a fun game but it’s not poker. Adapt what you do to the differences caused by the lack of financial pain @ Replay and then enjoy yourself.

I guess this could be true of any game not played for money. Little League Baseball isn’t played for money but every single kid who plays it takes it seriously and plays hard as if it were professional baseball. Would you tell your son or nephew that Little League isn’t baseball?

What you should also know is that most people in Replay do take this game of poker seriously, and some even use it as practice for their money games at the casinos or at house or club games.

Don’t demean things because they are done without monetary rewards but instead for the love of the game.

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All freerolls have the same prize pool of 100.000 chips, sometimes there are more than 200 participants and sometimes about 150 participants, sometimes even less.

Replay Poker gives out daily 600.000 free chips with the freerolls, now 6 freerolls with a prize pool of 100K and before 3 freerolls with a prize pool of 200K.

Freerolls are a good option (it is free) to try out a game type you not play often, or just to try out another play style. And ofcourse it is not bad to win chips for free.
And i think when players not want to play 2 hours for “a very small prize” (because they have a good bankroll already) they not have to play the freerolls. Players have the choice to play or not to play.

But a possibility would be a variable prize pool (is not possible at the moment), for example: with 200 or less participants a prize pool of 100K, with 201 to 275 participants a prize pool of 150K, and from 276 participants a prize pool of 200K. But not sure that is possible.

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Scratch, I wasn’t demeaning anything, just stating a fact.

The entire way the game rolls out changes when there is no penalty for doing the wrong thing.
One CANNOT “thin the herd” when there’s no penalty for staying “just to see” … so MANY stay … just in case.

I say it’s not poker because the WHOLE game changes when you remove the financial penalty for doing dumb things. I’m here often because I enjoy the game of Replay … It’s a good game that’s kinda like poker but plays very differently. It requires a totally different skillset.

Marriage and dating are not the same … that doesn’t make one good and the other bad, it just makes them different from each other.

If you took offense at my comment, that was not my intention.


Hey John,

I’m not at all offended; so let’s put that to sleep. Please don’t be offended by me.

I would argue that low stake money games suffer donks. Medium stake players suffer donks, but less of them. And high stakes money games on occasion suffer a donk or two.

I was in a 2/4 game last week at Gulfstream. That isn’t a big game for me; it’s a small game. I play loser. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

It is the same thing here.

I can’t play 100K SNGs any more because too many marginal players save the buy-in and then play. So I play very few SNGs. I now have to play very high stakes here to minimize the effect of the donk. They are there but no where near as many as the lower stakes games. No real difference. Agreed?


freeroll should be capped for lower stack players no high roller.tied of being on a table of 9 with 6 high rollers,come on haven’t they got the skill to play $20000 or above tourneys

Last month i played 61 SnGs for the high leaderboard, 100K and 200K games, often with the same players and other players just played a few games that month. Totaly no problems, and everyone played to win, was fun to play with those players.

Then you cant call it freeroll anymore. Easy to go around as I can seat at high room with my 4 mill, then can sign up.
Other things as well, but freeroll concept is to try out yourself , its not about the chips. Freeroll tend to have realy small chips but very-very high number of participant. Its not about you, as rookie make your fortune. You have to work hard for that.